Insisting on Daydreams

The trip was beautiful. The NY winter countryside is still dappled with all my favorite blues and grays and browns just like I imagine. The bird feeders continue to promise flocks of House Finch one moment and sets of Chickadees the next. The overcast skies storm with flurries and then with freezing rain and then with chilled winter sunshine peeking through in stripes and strands.

My trip was restful. It was lazy. It was full of homemade pie crusts and butternut squash soup and apple cider doughnuts. It was full of family and friends and family friends, comforting and casual with familiar hugs and sighs and glances and giggles. It was full of sweater tights and knee socks and legwarmers and hats and mittens. It was full of black tea and hot toddies and red wine. It was full of idealized daydreams and rich strange night dreams and the moments between seemed to roll out and slow down without much worry. My trip was restful, it was full.

I'm going to restrain myself from telling you all the things on my studio to-do list. I'm going to resist the deadlines and headaches and stresses. Instead, I'm going to soak in the blues and grays and browns, the pie crusts and apple cider, the quiet echoes of familiar hugs and sighs and giggles. I'm going to insist on the idealized daydreams, my own personal protest of sorts. I'm going to nestle down, make cozy, breath deep, continue to give thanks. xoxo, k.


  1. heart, heart, heart.

  2. I just spent Thanksgiving in central NY. You capture that grey beauty so well.

  3. Sounds and looks oh so wonderful.

  4. shauna: hi friend! such a pretty photo of pretty you. i hope you feel the same way about it.

    laura: oh, so glad you were able to enjoy the lovely blues and grays of upstate NY. thanks for visiting here, it's nice to "meet" you.

    louise: and so quickly i am full of to-do lists and piles and projects too. i want to go back!

  5. Such gorgeous photographs and words..! I felt like for a few moments, I was there with you... And it felt just like you described it. Thank you for that warm, cozy, dreamy moment.

    much love,


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