My Very First Renegade Craft Fair

Hi friends,

I have a good news. I'm going to be a vendor at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco this December. Hooray! I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified by the tasks of making oodles of products, finding eco-friendly packaging, and designing and building my booth displays. I am about 70% thrilled and 30% terrified, so let's hope the percentages stay steady as the craft fair approaches. I imagine this will feel something like preparing for an exhibition with the addition of a few dozen biodegradable cellophane bags and several stacks of business cards. (Note to self: I can do it!)

In preparing for the fair, I'm trying to organize my thoughts now so I can spare myself a bit of the "almost-there-keep-working-stop-sleeping" jitters that will inevitably descend about one week before the show. So, I'm making lists of new products, old products, packaging needs, display needs, and collecting materials too. I'm torn between creating new products while also wanting to streamline the creation of old products too. What's your vote--focus on old or new?

I've attended the SF Renegade fair a few times but I've never been a vendor. I'm always so inspired by the talent of the artists and artisans, so I'm honored to join them this winter. AND... if you've ever been a vendor at Renegade or a similar-sized craft fair, please do tell your tips! And if you've never been a vendor but you've been a happy buyer, please do tell your insights. I'm all ears and will be grateful for ever and ever and ever. Now then, wish me luck and ample black tea. xoxo, k.


  1. LOVE IT! It is on my calendar now. I have been and am a happy buyer. I will share any insights I can come up with...think, think, think... So happy for this new endeavor and excited to see what you come up with to share.

  2. Very exciting, best of luck. I'm sure it will be wonderful. Oh and either old or new or a mix will be brilliant. But for me as a maker it's always more exciting working on the new. Somehow I find the motivation to make the new comes easier.

  3. your new prints are adorable-- mark them up! you're gonna be a sold-out, smash hit. i can see it in my crystal ball.

  4. Beautiful. I can't wait to catch up with you at Renegade SF!

  5. kj: hooray! i can't wait to hear your happy buyer insights. and i'll sleep a little better knowing your friendly face will come visit.

    louise: i agree. i find more motivation for the new work but sometimes i think i should keep pushing ahead with old work too. oh!

    shauna: thank you, sweetness. i only hope your crystal ball is correct. fingers crossed.

    kevin: hooray! thank you.

  6. How exciting... good luck! g xo

  7. i hope it went well.. your prints are wonderful!

  8. Oh, I so wish I lived closer..! You're going to be awesome - how exciting!! I love the sneak peeks, Katrina. Beautiful work. I have a feeling you're going to sell every last thing you place on that booth. Oh, I'm thrilled for you, dear!!


  9. gracia: thank you, than you.

    elk: thankfully, it's still 4 weeks away. the fair is dec 18 & 19. it seems so soon! thanks for your comment, and for visiting here.

    maria: imagine that! if i sell everything i'll be thrilled beyond belief. if i sell most things i'll still be thrilled nearly beyond belief. (hi dear you.)


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