Travels for Thanksgiving Day


By the time you read this, I will be exactly 2,758 miles away from my cozy home in Oakland, CA. Instead, I'll be in a rural town in western NY preparing for a Thanksgiving feast with my dear mama. I'll be hours from any major city, marveling at starry skyscapes and barren winter fields and listening for the final flocks of geese heading for warmer weather.

I'll try my very best to shed my quickened urban pace while comparing pie crust recipes, scouring the rural grocery stores for one beloved Tofurkey, stockpiling mushrooms for vegetarian gravy, and fine-tuning our Thanksgiving menu until it promises to sing. (Oh, just sing!)

I am thankful for so many things. Every year, it seems I am more thankful than the last. I can only imagine how my old heart might just burst into 1 billion pieces in another 40 or 50 years. I think I get more tender as I go.

For my friends in the States, I send you warm wishes for a memorable and even magical Thanksgiving Day. May your pie crusts be perfectly flaky, your potatoes whipped to your satisfaction, and your stuffing packed full of fresh sage and thyme. For my friends everywhere, may you find a good reason to bake one delicious pie. I'll see you soon. xoxo, k.


  1. Anonymous11/23/2010

    i'm pretty sure i saw some tofurkey at wegmans. :) enjoy your trip!

  2. i know my list of things to be thankful for just grows & grows. we'll be two old biddies shedding tears at all the wonderful things in the world ;)

  3. Nice thoughts. And I love blogs like this, these general clearing houses of creativity.

  4. I hope you're still tangled up in a wonderful holiday... enjoy!

  5. I opted to buy certain Thanksgiving specifics (bread for stuffing and fresh cranberries) the day of Thanksgiving and found myself in a Thanksgiving themed eisle with a few baffled customer's at Wegmans looking at their last remaining option, tofurkey.

  6. amy: thank you! we drove straight to wegman's after getting your comment. and it was true: tofurkey to be had. hope your thanksgiving was lovely.

    jen: i love this. yes, please. let's be all teary-eyed at the wonder in the world. and why wait?

    red-handed: thanks for visiting my blog. very nice to "meet" you.

    gracia: "tangled up in a wonderful holiday" what a perfect sentiment. i love it.

    jessica: hysterical! i even convinced my very carnivorous brother to try a slice of the tofurkey this year. it's a veggie cook's thanksgiving dream! nice to "meet" you.


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