TTV Adventures with Hula70


two, buckle your shoe.


four, close the door.


six, pick up sticks.


eight, lay them straight.


Recently, I had the divine pleasure of taking a Through The Viewfinder (TTV) workshop with the lovely and talented Andrea Jenkins, aka Girl Hula. I love Andrea's photographs and the insights and humor she shares through her gorgeous blog, Hula70, so I jumped at the opportunity to take her workshop while she was visiting San Francisco.

I used to take TTV photos quite a bit, but I've fallen out of the habit so this workshop was just what I needed to pick up my strange but beloved TTV contraption again. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon: following another artist's thoughtful lead; wandering the streets of the Mission District dodging the unfortunate and insistent rain; toting my cameras with more courage for portraits than I can usually muster; snacking on cupcakes and sipping hot chai. What could be sweeter?

If I had an unlimited budget for art supplies then I would buy heaps and mounds of Polaroid film, settle on a new medium format camera with a much fancier lens, and I'd have a dozen or so of my TTV images blown up really, really big. (Le, sigh.) For now, I'm thrilled to have met dear Andrea, taken her inspiring workshop, and to ease back into the TTV ways again.

My friends, I hope you are having a very lovely week. xoxo, k.


  1. so great! yours have such a smoky, dreamy quality to them :) love!!

  2. katrina-lee love,

    these pics are divine! i mean supersonic. i love love love each of them. and it is fun to see unknown people's faces. oh so much to say. xo, v.

  3. Gorgeous and utterly dreamy. I like how you frame a composition, and am in awe of anyone who can do so with camera.

  4. These are great, so dreamy and atmospheric. I know what you mean about the money, though...I'd should medium format and Polaroid all the time if it was so expensive!

  5. it sounds like a fun workshop. Your pictures are romantic and mysterious. Love them.

  6. how fun that you got to go to the workshop! and what lovely TTV shots [ i haven't taken any in AGES]


  7. jen: yay! it was so much fun. i can't wait to see all the photos.

    vanessa: thank you, beloved. supersonic? aw, i think i'm blushing. so much to say, my friend. come visit!

    gracia: thank you, thank you. a friend told me that photography is three things: light, composition, and content. not that i've achieved it, but i think it's magical when a photograph has all three.

    maggie: absolutely! i would shoot Polaroid and medium format film every time and all the time. and i'd have a fancy scanner to make it all digital. sigh. (nice to have you here.)

    esti: thank you, friend. the workshop was such a treat.

    lisa: i know, i hadn't taken any TTV photos in ages either. it was great inspiration to try it again. and, of course, andrea is uber inspiring.

    friends: xoxo, k.


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