Renegade & Merry Winter Solstice





Thank you to my lovely visitors who attended the Renegade Craft Fair despite the soaking, sobbing rain. Like any big show, this one was certainly worth the effort and I can only hope that the planning process will get smoother as the fairs go on. (Fingers crossed.) Sadly, I forgot my camera so I can't share any photographs of my booth. Drats!

At least I can share a few of my favorite vendors instead. While it's always hard to narrow the sprawling list down to just a few favorites, this is my best attempt: the necklaces of Muak, the plates & pitchers of Rae Dunn, the fabric ornaments of Rebe, the hats of Mosey, and the cashmere fingerless gloves of MODify/d. I have three words for these crafters: Swoon, swoon, swoon.

Now that Renegade is over I'm turning my attention fully and completely to the nearing holidays. (Dear holidays, I'm sorry I've been neglecting you but I'm about to make amends.) I have a tradition of crafting on the day of Christmas Eve with a dear friend; last year it was handmade stockings and a knit hat, this year it's either a tree skirt or a batch of stuffed fabric ornaments. Regardless, I hope my fingers are still willing to stitch.

Happy Holidays to you, my friends! May your winter solstice be very merry and bright.



  1. oh what beautiful photos!!! so festive!!!! Happy Winter Solstice!!!

  2. happy holidays to you sweet lady !
    i'm so glad you liked our gloves... your booth looked lovely and had i known you were cameraless i would have taken shots. sigh

  3. diana: happy winter solstice to you too.

    lisa: yes, i should've asked you to snap a few photos of my booth too. alas! next time i'll be a bit more renegade seasoned. happy winter to you.

  4. Happy belated holidays, dear! And what a treat - I got to go peek at all these new-to-me artists and crafters and.... I must go back! I loved them all!

    much love,

  5. maria: yes, renegade was full of amazing artists and crafters. glad you like my winter shortlist.



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