Sew, Sew, Sew: Paper Garlands from My Stash of Scraps.

I am happily sewing my crafty heart out. This weekend I finished 18 paper garland strands made completely of recycled paper. I picked up a very old book at a local thrift store and it's enjoying its new life as the main ingredient in this season's wintery paper garland. Using kraft paper scraps, vintage book pages, letterpress offcuts, and other colorful odds & ends, I was able to make the garlands entirely of re-purposed material. Hip, hip, hooray!

The garlands remind me of snowflakes or shooting stars or raindrops. They remind me of something small and fragile and seemingly faraway that just can't be held in the palm of your hand, though you want to cup your fingers around it and hold it up to the light. They are so delicate, so full of movement, so full of promise and shape and just a little bit of romance and sparkle too. I am liking them very much.

I hope you are happily crafting your way through December. If I wasn't preparing for Renegade, I'd make several sets of fingerless gloves and scarves out of thrifted sweaters, or maybe I'd start a patchwork quilt. Perhaps that's what my January will bring. xoxo, k.


  1. love your garland !

    i won't be sitting in the booth the whole time at renegade, but since we're neighbors i'll definitely see you during set up and at other points - hooray!

  2. Katrina, these are so delicate and sweet. And all from a stash of scraps. Love it!

  3. Your garland strands look gorgeous. So lovely!

  4. hi there! I wish you a great success at Renegade!!

  5. lisa: thank you! so we won't be close enough to write messages on paper airplanes. BUT, i'm glad we'll be booth neighbors and get to say hello. good luck preparing.

    denise: yes, it's always a little bit sweeter when something can be made of recycled or biodegradable materials. so glad you like the garlands.

    louise: thank you, friend!

    esti: oh, thank you for the good wishes. nice to see you here again. i've been meaning to send you an email. i will very soon! xoxo, k.

  6. So beautiful for holiday decor! i love it.


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