Dear 2011, My List.

Dear 2011,

Our trip down the coast was quite magical and full of reflection and pause and gratitude and my favorite slow easy mornings. Now we are inching back to the day-to-day and I'd like to put in my requests and resolutions. There are a few things I'd like from you so I've written all the things down and then edited all the things down to this more manageable list of 10.

List of 10:
  1. Make another quilt, even if it takes all year.
  2. More yoga and then probably more yoga.
  3. Take photos on film with my old cameras.
  4. Wear the blue silk dress.
  5. Wear the blue silk dress twice.
  6. Draw with pencil, just because.
  7. Plant sunflowers along the back fence.
  8. Be brave!
  9. Learn to screenprint and try to work with stencils.
  10. Make a 3-minute movie about love. (Make this movie with my mister.)
My fingers are crossed that you and I are going to get along just fine. As you know, I turned a year older on New Year's Day so, please 2011, let's get off to a good start and fill January with some sunshine.



  1. I like the way the year is your Santa Claus. Your trip looks beautiful and your list good. When I was a little girl we had sunflowers growing along our back fence. Good memories... Happy New Year.

  2. happy new year and happy birthday!

    thanks for your comment in my blog, so nice to meet you!
    what a nice blog you have!
    i went through your blog and we seem to have same kind of interests :)

    all the best to you!

  3. denise: it's so true, new year's is kind of like my santa claus. happy new year to you!

    ritva: so lovely to see you here. yes, i think we have quite a few interests in common. lovely to "meet" you in the blogosphere.

  4. Such a great list - made me smile. And being brave.... That's one I have on my own list.

    Happy new year, dear Katrina! And happy belated birthday! (Unless you were talking about the year..? I can be quite literal sometimes...)


  5. maria: yes, it was my birthday, thank you. i guess i kind of slipped that in there without really making it clear. yes, i'm a year older now too. xoxo, k.


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