A New Place to Nest!

(From the Feb 2011 issue of Elle Decoration UK)

(From Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces.)

(Also from Big Book...)

(Detail of above living room, love the double-sided pillows.)

(Quick sketches of our new rooms.)

(From Oct 2010 issue of House Beautiful. Blogged here.)

(From Recycled Home by the Baileys)

(My notebook: Doodles & lists & dreamings.)

Hello friends,

I'm *so* excited to report that my husband and I have found a new apartment in Oakland and we'll be moving in just two weeks. Eep! I can't stop squealing with delight.

We've been in our current place for 5 years and I'm thrilled to start the next adventure in nesting. We are spending our off-time purging, packing, and painting. The new place was a kaleidoscope of brown, cream, white, sage, and purple walls so we are taking this opportunity to paint the whole darn thing white. We might add more colorful walls as time goes on but for now, all white.

I figure, if I keep the walls mostly white then my love for bold patterns, bright color, and sumptuous textiles can be focused towards pillows, curtains, rugs, blankets, artwork, and other found treasures. Seems logical, right?

So, while I should be packing, instead I've taken all my interior design books off the shelf and I'm turning corners of magazines and slipping bookmarks into favorite pages left and right. My notebook is filled with new doodles and lists and dreamings. I cannot wait to move in!

The thing is, this doesn't just feel like a new apartment. It feels like a whole new beginning. And how I adore new beginnings: full of promise and sunlight and stories waiting to be told.

But mostly? Mostly, I'm excited for the worn hardwood floors, the pretty claw foot tub, the overgrown yard just waiting for us to sculpt a garden this spring, and the smattering of windows ready to let the sunlight into every single room.

xoxo, k.


  1. You make the selection of "white" sound so simple! (he-he!) Congratulations on the new place!

  2. beth: very good point! we stood at the wall of paint chips for quite some time debating shades of white. there were at least a dozen that stole my heart. for now, i'm going with "winter snow". xoxo.

  3. That is exciting news. Ah! the fun that lies in wait. Hope you're still cheering with delight... and all the best with the big move.

  4. so excited for you
    can't wait to see it !

  5. Oh how wonderful! Sounds absolutely fantastic, what fun you have ahead. xolj

  6. your current place would absolutely fit right in with your new nesting inspiration pages. i can't wait to see what you do with the new digs. may your new beginning be full of new treasures and warm fuzzies to go with the bold patterns. much love xoxo

  7. gracia: thank you for the good cheer. i can't remember the last time i felt so wholehearted about moving. very exciting.

    lisa: i can't wait to be moved in and have a housewarming. a spring housewarming, i imagine.

    louise: thank you, dear you.

    kj: you are so lovely. thank you for the kind words and the tireless cheer and enthusiasm. you are a gem.


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