Almost Spring and Summer Dress Dreams

I want to make a dress like this one. Something like this from the front side.

Like this from the backside.

Like this from the front and back sides.

I will use these two designers and these two books to refine my sketches.

I will use this fabric.

And, oh, how I love the African Ikat patterns on fabric. And how these colors remind me of the blue sky and tan fields all along the hillsides in the summer in Northern California.

And then I start thinking of girls in fields in dresses.

And I want to make this dress because February is promising spring and spring is always promising summer.

And it's all a result of just a few sunny days in Oakland that make me dream of summer dresses and bright summer sunshine and girls twirling around in frocks in imaginary forests and fields. So...

As soon as I can dig my sewing machine out from the unpacked stacks in my studio I am going to sew. And I am going to make some new prints on fabric. And I am going to make this dress.

And I am going to make a new inspiration wall to hover above my desk, full of patterns and prints and postcards and dress design sketches. I keep imagining where the inspiration wall will be, like it's just under the fresh layer of paint waiting for me to peel back the edges.

My best friend is visiting from Michigan and we are spending our time chatting and giggling and going to performances and giggling and chatting and watching the Oscars and taking a long Sunday hike and also giggling and chatting. Maybe our photo shoot from a few summer's past is inspiring all this dreamy summer dress thinking.

Or maybe my hands are just ready for thread and needle, ink and linoleum blocks, like the sun shines and suddenly the world needs more Polaroids and love letters and summery dresses. xoxo, k.


  1. Can't wait to see it. I am in such a sewing mood at the moment.

  2. I only discovered sewing a couple years ago, but I immediately fell in love:) As far as clothes go, I've only made pants for my two boys, but hope to get into making my own clothes.

    Wanted to let you know that even though I'm a new reader (found your blog through your etsy shop after ordering a print) I gave your blog an award (check in on mine if your interested in participating).

    Your blog is very inspiring!

  3. Best of luck with your sewing. I'm always so impressed by clever souls who can sew their own clothes. It's soooo beyond me.

  4. very excited to see your new frock !

    how's the new place?

  5. kel: sadly, i think it will be a few weeks before i am up and sewing again. moving has just completely turned me upside down, and the studio too. but soon enough, i'll be sewing.

    julie: how wonderful! so glad you left a comment and so glad you purchased a print from my shop, thank you. and thank you for the award, i'll head over to your blog in 2 seconds to visit.

    louise: thank you, dear louise. i imagine you and gracia could create just about anything. i like to think of sewing like i think of bookmaking, just different shapes and figures.

    lisa: i hope to have it finished by next year, at this rate! the place is slow going. so slow going. but still full of sunlight and glad to be here. patience is not my virtue!

    friends: thank you for your continued visits. you make me happy.



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