Mini Artists Retreat: Tomales Bay

Sometimes a girl just needs a getaway, right? That's what we thought too. So this weekend I was part of a mini ladies art retreat just north of San Francisco. I joined forces with a handful of Bay Area artist bloggers and we took to a cottage on Tomales Bay where we cooked, rested, giggled, painted, beaded, strolled, adventured, and otherwise sat on the dock overlooking the bay and marveled at the birds and sunsets.

I haven't been on a proper art retreat since I spent a month at the Vermont Studio Center in summer 2005. And there's something so special about surrounding yourself with other artists as you carry out your daily activities. There's a true sense of community and communing when we tend to gravitate towards the same things, just in individual ways.

It's kind of amazing to look out at the clouds changing colors and realize the person next to you is grabbing her camera too, putting her beads down and resting her paintbrush to pull on her coat and head out to the dock before the light changes. To remember that our instincts are shared by other like-minded folks, it's just the individual view that changes from lens to lens. Le sigh.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too, friends. I wish every one of you could have joined us on the dock for just a few days. If we do it again, maybe we'll get more organized and figure out how to integrate more artists. Imagine the possibilities! xoxo, k.


  1. you.
    these photos.
    your words.
    this trip.
    delightful :)

  2. Excellent location. Looks like you enjoyed yourselves. Ahhh...West Marin.

  3. sigh. bring me back. so beautiful kat.

  4. Anonymous2/23/2011

    Very nice pictures, makes me wish I was traveling somewhere.

  5. so true. thank you for the wknd and words, photos.

  6. jen: perfectness to be there with you lovelies.

    leslie: you! so glad to see you here and thank you for your kind words and joyful presence. dear you.

    denise: i am so in love with tomales bay and point reyes and the national seashore. it's my magical escape from city living.

    mati: sigh. agreed. so good to travel back in photos and words and daydreams. yay!

    toemail: me too! oddly, traveling always makes me want to travel more. that's the way the travel bug bites, i suppose. i've been bitten!

    shash: thank YOU.

  7. Anonymous3/04/2011

    You make an excellent point about the travel bug. I need to get it started :)


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