Moving and Unearthing Things




Dear friends,

Our move is now just days away. As you can imagine, the boxes are stacking up and towering all around us. We now have to leave paths to get from the kitchen table to the refrigerator and from the front door back to the kitchen table again. We have to be careful not to stub our toes and bang our elbows as we navigate!

In unearthing stacks of journals from the studio I was struck by my earliest artwork and writings. A bag of journals written by a-very-young-me revealed the difference in my intuition and my "attempts to be a poet". The same was true for the visual artwork. I finally took a stack of lifeless paintings on canvas to the recycling bin while treasuring the early botanical sketches, dress designs, and photographs. It felt liberating! In short, I kept the work that looks like me but I purged the work that looks like I wanted to be somebody else.

An art teacher in college told me, "Fight like hell to hold on to your style, they'll try to take that away from you, but you'll ultimately realize how much you want it back." So true. This purge felt like I was honoring her advice from 15 years ago: Hold on to the parts that are yours, disregard the parts that aren't. And very soon, dear friends, we will be moved into our new nest and the boxes will be emptying instead of filling. Oh, what a promise.

xoxo, k.

PS-- Some favorite annual events are coming up in the Bay Area: The SoEx Monster Drawing Rally, the White Elephant Sale, and YBCA's Bay Area Now... just for starters.


  1. Ooooh, I'm moving too, and it's pretty intense. Hang in there, it's all for the best.

  2. I really liked reading "...I kept the work that looks like me but I purged the work that looks like I wanted to be somebody else." I sometimes struggle with what to keep and what to let go and this is a wonderful perspective. I'll remember this next time. Thanks.

  3. kevin: i know, it's so intense, right? the shifting of things and how that triggers nostalgia and also new hopes. happy move to you.

    denise: yes, that's what i'm trying to do. though some things are just harder to purge, even if i know they represent somebody else. sigh. but many things have moved on, a sense of liberation is soon to come.


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