Please, Pardon My Mess!

(the front door, where the nest begins.)

(the front steps, lined with potted plants.)

(the front window, full of raindrops.)

We have moved! The final boxes made it into our new apartment this weekend and I am elated with the possibilities of our new space. Yes, I dare say "elated". Though, the feeling of elation is not yet evident when you walk through the front door and enter the stacks of boxes and bags.

I'm certainly not ready to give you a tour quite yet but in a few weeks, I promise. (Oh, the excitement of having my studio unpacked, my kitchen ready to bake muffins and scones, the bedroom ready to provide a cozy retreat.) After we moved it started raining and became very obvious that we should stay inside and deal with our sweet mess.

I wanted to show you the bits of the garden that made the move with us and now line our front steps. We will mostly use "container gardening" until spring when the backyard can demand our full attention, but the herbs are happily stationed for now. I'll be back next week with a non-move related post and will return to posting on Mondays. Oh, dear friends, please pardon my mess!

PS--I am loving Just Kids by Patti Smith. It's her biography of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and as the publisher says, "Begins as a love story and ends as an elegy". So, so good.


  1. Congratulations with your new home!

    It already looks very cozy with the colors.

    Enjoy the new corners!

  2. can you bring that this weekend? i really want to read that too...

  3. Shauna2/16/2011

    Terry Gross did an interview with Patti about this book on Fresh Air last year. So good.

  4. can't wait to see the new place !

    i have just kids sitting in the want to read pile :) so glad to hear it's good

  5. Sounds super exciting. Can't wait to see the new place too. xolj

  6. Like the tiny peeks at your new nest. Potted plants by the door and all is well. I look forward to seeing more when ready.

  7. anna: thanks for the kind words. it doesn't feel cozy quite yet but soon enough! thanks for visiting here.

    jen: done and done.

    shauna: it's SO good. i mean really, really good. yum.

    lisa: yes, i'm loving it. i think it also tugs at my nyc heartstrings but it's very good. can't wait to have you over once we're settled in.

    louise: thank you! can't wait to show you all.

    gracia: so true. potted plants by the door make it all a bit brighter.

  8. Your containers are looking good. I'm reading Just Kids too. I was reading it on my plane ride home today and was moving through such sadness. I walked off the plane sort of limp. Still, it's excellent. I love her writing style.


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