Day at the Park & Felted Flowers Workshop

I should remember this every time: follow the sun and head outdoors to the greenery and birdsong and welcomed pace of the woods.

My husband and I spent several hours in the sunshine at Tilden Park on Saturday afternoon and, simply said, I'm just so pleased we did. The rains came swiftly on Sunday morning and the Sunday Farmer's Market was humid and wet, and then cold and wet, and then... well, you get the picture. But Saturday afternoon was luscious and green and full of early spring's promises for tulips, ranunculus, and anemones.

As always, I returned a little calmer, a little clearer, a little more like myself than when we left. Dear friends, I hope we never know a world without public parks and preserved green spaces. Never. Ever. Ever. It's long been the sanity to my urban living.

I wanted to tell you about an upcoming craft workshop I'm teaching in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 22. As requested by a friend, I will be teaching Create Felt Flowers for Brooches or Barrettes at the West Portal public library. I've long been intrigued by the various methods of felt-making and this workshop is providing a good opportunity to study-up while unpacking my threads and firing up the glue guns.

Join us for some felted flowers if you're nearby, won't you? xoxo, k.


  1. Your afternoon in the park seems just perfect. We took advantage of the beautiful weather at Kehoe Beach. Saturday was a very good day. I'll be away on 3/22, but do hope you'll enjoy your felt flower making.

  2. what? a workshop! so fun :) i want to come -- we need to chatter at each other soon. i feel disconnected. let's get up. xxxooo

  3. Good advice, very good advice. And good luck with your workshop on the 22nd too.

    g xo

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely "springish" time in the park. Such bliss. xolj PS Best of luck with the workshop, hope it goes brilliantly.

  5. denise: i hope you have survived the pouring rain. and that your time away from SF was refreshing.

    jen: lovely you! i am beginning to emerge from the boxes. i've been knocked down but not quite knocked out. emailing you ASAP.

    gracia: yes, go out into the sunshine! how easily i forget. sometimes i think my inspiration just needs a change of pace.

    louise: yes, a lovely springish time. exactly. hello across the big vast pond!


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