Home is (Not Yet) Here

Sometimes life is just an exercise in good old fashioned patience, you know? I imagined that by the third week in our new apartment I'd have the artwork hung, the furniture carefully arranged, and the studio would be my oasis of natural sunlight, well-organized shelves, and ever-dreamy inspiration boards. (Now, that actually makes me giggle.) Well, needless to say, this is not quite yet the case.

Instead, I am posting this blog while sitting on my living room floor amidst haphazard arrangements of furniture, boxes with the most stubborn items, and the new spaghetti of wires that promise to clean-up once we've established a wireless internet connection. But today is actually one giant leap for humankind as it's the first day we have internet pumping into our apartment at all. (Imagine a small crowd cheers!) Le sigh.

I have been so busy between my day job and my life-in-and-out-of-boxes that I haven't yet unpacked the studio. I have a deadline on March 22 so I will have to unpack it very soon. But thank you, dearest readers, for sticking it out with me here in blogland. Soon enough, I hope to be back to a better "art+life" balance or at least my new balance will suddenly re-emerge, a bit off-center from how I left it.

PS--I have recently joined Pinterest and I think I'm in love. The Selby is in Your Place is my newest art book read; I adored the chapbook, "The Man Who Lost His Head" by new-to-me poet Zach Savich; and I hear the BAN6 talks at YBCA are lovely. xoxo, k.


  1. oh, katrina, i can relate. i hate that settling-in period when the pressure is on. We have lived in our new place for just over 6 months and i finally hung the artwork 2 weeks ago. my office is a pile of rubbermaid totes filled with neglected fabric and yarn and paint!

    we will both get there. :)


  2. Soon enough, right? Sometimes there are just more important things that must be done. I hope you are enjoying some of the little things in life...maybe some good snacks on the living room floor or lounging in your natural sunlight between a few boxes. Take care, Denise

  3. mrsthor: my goodness it is quite a feat, isn't it? yes just as you said, "neglected fabric and yarn and paint". good grief. cheers to you and your new settling.

    denise: such very kind and wise words. so true, so true. i took your advice and headed to the park on saturday afternoon. must enjoy the little things in the midst of chaos. done and done. thank you.


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