Three Things: Cardboard, Felt, and Mockingbirds





Tap, tap.
Hello? Hi? Is anybody still out there? Is this thing on?
Oh, it is on!
Okay, let's start over then.


I'm here and it's Monday evening and I'm here where I'm used to being on Monday evenings. And gosh, I've missed you!

Somehow last week came and went and I never made it to this space to post about the week's inspirations or ponderings or creations. And I'm sorry!
I've been so incredibly distracted.
And well, now I'm back.

I'm back. Hi!
Hi, I missed you.


Three Things:

Thing 1:
As you know, we moved to a new apartment in mid-February and I am slowly but surely climbing out from the stacks of boxes. But to complicate the cardboard, I work for an arts organization during the week and last week we moved to a new office! Now, boxes at home and at work. But I have decided to surrender to the boxes and shake hands with the cardboard. And if the rain doesn't stop very soon, I just might build myself a cardboard boat and row myself around Oakland. Honk if you see me paddling.

Thing 2:
The felt flower workshop was amazing! 17 people came out in the pouring, sobbing, drenching rain to join me at the library on Tuesday night. And the participants were so lovely that I floated out of the library and back into the rain, buoyant with their crafty energy and enthusiasm. They made the most beautiful felt flowers and it reminded me how much I love teaching. How happy my hands are to stitch and trim and sew. Put simply: I am grateful.

Thing 3:
There is a mockingbird in our new neighborhood and I am falling head over heels for its erratic songs. The shrills range from poetic to electronic to a hushed tweeting to an operatic showdown. The song is part every-other-bird-in-the-neighborhood and part video-game-sound-effects. Reminds me how much I love birdsong. Reminds me that the simplest pleasures are never very faraway, sometimes I'm just too noisy to hear them.

Happy Monday, lovely yous. xoxo, k.


  1. Good "things"! I don't think I could identify a mockingbird's song, or any other bird's song...maybe a crow's ;) It seems you have another interesting skill. Enjoy the sunshine. I'm so happy it has arrived.

  2. denise: oh, i bet you could identify a mockingbird by its song. it mimics or "mocks" the other birds in the area, often only singing in one song for a few seconds before switching to another.

    sometimes, they also pick up non-bird songs like electronics or car alarms or other urban noises. they are so wonderful! xoxo, k.

  3. Hi! Welcome back. You've been missed, and it's always nice to hear so, I find. Feels so very much like blogging has changed lately, both the landscape and the time to actually blog/read/comment. Always one to look back, I miss the old days.

    be well, g xo

  4. Welcome back. Lucky you having a mockingbird nearby. I've drawn one recently, but I think after reading your description of their song I shall have to draw another.

  5. gracia: i agree completely! i thought maybe it was just me. but i agree that the blog community feels different these days. perhaps there are too many online spots to catch up so we are reading less? seems sad to me. i used to love the dialogue and slower conversations. sigh.

    louise: i feel so lucky for the mockingbird's song. i have yet to tire of it day or night.


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.