April in Austin and Spring is Sprung

Oakland is aflutter with the promise of spring. The rains have broken and we have been graced with gorgeous blue skies and warm afternoons and reasons to wear skirts without tights or winter coats or fingerless mittens. (To those of you in colder climates, hold on, your warmer afternoons are coming soon, I promise.)

The birds are full of chatter. The neighbors are emerging from their winter caves and we are meeting them for the very first time here. And the cherry, apple, and plum tree blossoms are popping up all over in shades of white and raspberry and pink. Spring is finally springing.

By the time you read this I will be in Austin, TX for the very first time aflutter with my own curiosities of being in a brand new place. I'll only be away for a long weekend, visiting with family and enjoying the sights and shops and eateries around town. I'm so curious... what is Austin like in April? Soon I'll get to find out. xoxo, k.


  1. Austin in April is wonderful. (March and April are the best months in Texas) Have a great time!

  2. It has been pretty in the bay area lately. It's nice to see the sun. Enjoy Austin.

  3. "aflutter" is a wonderful word. And spring is wonderful too, when everything wakes up from winter. Hope you are having a swell time of it in Austin.

  4. belly: you were so right! the weather was delightful. a beautiful city, for certain. (thanks for visiting here.)

    denise: yes, finally it feels like spring. hope you are enjoying the shift in weather.

    gracia: so true, "everything wakes up from the winter". i think i'm just waking up too.


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