Austin, Texas: Through My Lens

Austin, Texas: you are absolutely adorable!

From the food trucks, shops, and cafes on South Congress; to the amazing swimming opportunities at Barton Springs Pool (the most beautiful city swimming structures I've ever seen); to the fabulous food and gardens at the East Side Cafe; to the exhibition at the Austin Art Museum; to the adorable little cottages where we stayed (complete with vegetable and flower gardens under a true canopy of birdsong); to the slow spirited days with my husband's family-- Austin, Texas was a sheer delight.

(on the side of Jo's cafe, a love note from the owner's girlfriend)

(our front steps to the garden)

(everything was blooming and blue skies, and roses grew)

(two beloved family members, taking a rest)

(surrounded by birdsong, literally!)

(the vacation obligation: slow sipping caffeine, preferably street side)

(our cozy loft, complete with re-purposed wood)

(dreamy like a springtime breeze)

(hello littlest you, happy to indulge the little ones)

(outside our cottage, just so)

(the east side cafe has chickens! delighted.)

(my favorite food truck: hey cupcake in a remodeled airstream. swoon, swoon.)

My only regret is that we didn't stay longer. But I suppose it is the sign of a vacation well spent when you leave wanting more. It was just four days in the middle of the country with relatives from each end of the states, but it was just enough to reset my daily clock to a slower pace, awaken my muses for a day or two, and remind me that there are so many places I've yet to visit. I used to travel quite a bit and this trip reminded why. (Le sigh. )

Austin, Texas we were grateful for your sweet, southern charm and hospitality. For those of you who have never been, I do recommend a visit. xoxo, k.


  1. I really love your set of shots! Lovely! (and not what I pictures Austin to be like) That little cottage bed looks so cozy and wonderful!

  2. How hard it must have been to leave. That loft! And I love this description... "complete with vegetable and flower gardens under a true canopy of birdsong"... what more is needed?

    Thanks for the photo tour. I am deliciously envious.

    g xo

  3. Hooray! I can't wait to talk and hear about all the places you went. We're here now, day 2, and I already can feel that our 5 day visit is going to be far too short. Soaking it all in though and loving it.

  4. so cute! we loved south congress & that cupcake airstream too :) see you soon. xxx

  5. Thank you so much for bringing your family to stay at Park Lane Guest House .We are so happy that you loved it.The pool is full now ready for a swim.We hope you will plan to come back soon.

  6. Some of my favorites too. Dreamy, indeed.

  7. beth: thank you! i know, having only spent a little time in texas, austin wasn't what i was expecting either. so cute!

    gracia: yes, so hard to leave. but so thankful for a little time away too. the loft was divine.

    karen: my austin friend! so glad you are visiting and soaking up some SUN after all your winter snow.

    jen: south congress is undeniably wonderful! and that cupcake food truck is perfection. austin reminded me a bit of portland, oregon with the added texas!

    shakti: how wonderfully strange that you found me. yes, your cottages are delightful. thank you for such a magical place to stay.

    denise: such a sweet city. so much to explore in every direction. makes me want to travel again and again.



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