Carefully Knotted: A Large-Scale Yarn Installation


If I had to guess, I'd say I had over 30 skeins of red yarn in my studio at some point in the last few weeks. My very first set design (shown above) was comprised of red yarn, mostly knotted into an abstract woven web, along with knitted rectangles, found sweater parts, a smattering of small twigs collected from the sidewalk, and a few red doilies. The design was commisioned by Hope Mohr Dance as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival. (Thank you, Hope.)

The wall measured 17 feet long, roughly 7 feet high, and strung across the back of the stage, suspended between two existing columns. There was also a human-sized nest of red fiber and one lone skein of thread used by the performer to wrap the space. We also tucked a small pair of golden scissors into the yarn wall--a secret tool for the performer to retrieve and ultimately "set herself free".

Now I keep dreaming about how the yarn wall would look strung between two Redwood trees, or hung above the Pacific Ocean tangling in the wind. It seems to want to be installed outside as a public art installation, perhaps with a group of knitters or in homage to the marvelous woven webs of spiders. Maybe one day, it will resurface from the theaterical lights and find its place under the big bright sun. xoxo, k.

Ps--I am back from my trip to NY and will share some travel photos here soon. Dear friends, I hope your May has been delightful.


  1. friends:

    some of you have emailed me that you're having a hard time commenting here. i've also had a hard time logging-in to my blogger account, seems they are having some glitches. (i've had better luck with safari than firefox, just FYI.)

    thanks for your patience and thanks for visiting here! xoxo, k.

  2. let's do it!! i totally want to be involved in the re-installation :) xxxooo

  3. It looks very cool. Nice work!

  4. you made that?? amazing.

  5. Hi Katrina, good to meet you! I LOVE your blog!! I might spend the next two hours digging through all this great eye candy! Congrats on the stage installation, stunning!

  6. It looks amazing. And that hue! Exclamation mark brilliance. Three cheers to you, Katrina.

  7. jen: i would LOVE to. stay posted, let me think through the logistics.

    denise: thank you!

    primoeza: yes, it was so much fun to make. thank you for visiting here!

    kathryn: nice to meet you too! thanks for the kind words, so nice to meet a fellow fiber enthusiast. i LOVE your foreclosure quilt series.

    gracia: thank you! i am honored to receive your three exclamation marks. how sweet of you!


  8. Wow, I love this post! And thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog.

  9. thank you, lari. very nice to "meet" you.

  10. wowo wowow wow!!!! amazing work! so impressed at the intricacy and delicacy~so beautiful katrina_YAHHHH for you!!


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