Fiber Art Research (that Makes me Swoon!)








I've been collecting images of swoon-worthy textile and fiber art installations. I could spend the better part of each day just amassing images of thread and yarn and fabric and fiber-based art that incorporates surprising use of scale, installation, or complete viewer- immersion. I love this research! And I love all of the above images for their refreshing and amazing use of yarn or thread or fiber. I want to visit each one in person and spend hours gazing at their construction. Oh, swoon!

In 3 weeks I will install my very first "set installation" for theater. I've been hired as the set designer for Hope Mohr Dance as part of the San Francisco International Art Festival at the Southside Theater at Fort Mason, May 20-22. I am configuring ways to make a hanging wall that is 18 feet long and 13 feet high and made almost entirely of red thread. I am stringing up red thread from end to end in my little studio-- configuring knots and stitches and loops and tangles into an assemblage or wall hanging.

When I find myself weeks away from a deadline, I always dream about having a small army of artists and crafters as part of my studio life. I imagine we would be a very welcoming small army-- complete with thread and sewing machines and letterpress equipment and stacks of books and fabric and wood type and also mandatory tea breaks and a daily delivery of fresh-baked scones. Yes, please! In the meantime, I am happily experimenting with stitches and knots and tangles.

Hope you are well, dear friends. xoxo, k.


  1. Best of luck with you set designing. What a terrifically exciting project. xolj

  2. oh i want to join that small army!

  3. All are indeed swoon-worthy. And good luck with that red thread... sounds utterly intriguing.

  4. louise: thank you, it's been very exciting so far. fingers crossed for the technical details.

    vanessa: and i would be honored to have you on my army, dear friend! a small crafty army, one day we shall make.

    gracia: i love all these pieces so much, i can't decide which one i love the most.


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