Greetings from New York

Greetings from afar!

I am traversing my native New York, spending the week with family and friends and wishing the week was actually several weeks longer. How dreamy to imagine a leisurely road trip through the upstate countryside, absorbing the vibrant greens and yellows and pinks of a heroic budding spring. Then visiting our beloved Brooklyn to discover favorite spots and rediscover old ones--to indulge in New York museums and performances and readings until we've had our fill.

Alas! This trip is short and sweet and will have to hold us over until a longer visit is possible. I've brought along a few skeins of red yarn so that I might continue working on the set installation from afar-- draping the knit work across my lap at various kitchen tables and living rooms and porches. I'll be back before you know it. In the meantime... have a lovely week, lovely yous.

xoxo, k.


  1. have a great great trip !!

  2. Yes, wishing the week was longer. I know the feeling well. Keep having a brilliant time of it, Katarina.

  3. My husband and I also visited good old upstate NY the week after Easter to visit the folks. (In HH) We too always wish we had the time to actually explore the wonderful small towns and little hidden gems that make up upstate but alas, we have to make sure we visit all the family.

  4. lisa: thank you, lovely! it was great to see family and friends.

    gracia: yes, i SO wished the week had been longer. more like a month-sized week, i think.

    belly: yes, it would be so lovely to be a tourist along the country roads of upstate NY. to stop at the antique shops, the roadside ice cream stands, to pull over and take photos of every field and barn.

    friends: i have been tangled in yarn and travels. and blogger has not been letting me access my blog whenever i like. so, i will be back here soon. thanks for visiting! (dear blogger, please play nice!)


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