Just One Week in the Country

The charm of country roads and weathered barns and dandelion patches just never seems to get old for me. Maybe it's because I was raised in the country and I have that healthy longing for childhood nostalgia. Or maybe it's because I've lived the past 12 years between major US cities and nothing but a country life could seem further from my reality. Or maybe it's just something aesthetic or intuitive that clicks on in me for no obvious reason. Regardless, I am charmed by a sundress and a fiddle and a barn.

A few photos from our recent trip to the New York countryside followed by a weekend wedding in the Berkshires. I mean, doesn't everybody want an accordion player at their spring wedding? A barn with a weather vane in the distance? A smattering of canning jars transformed into lighting fixtures? A roadside ice cream stand complete with picnic tables?

Okay, what about an excuse to wear boots and sundresses just about every day? Le sigh.



  1. Yes, I would like an accordion player in any season (I am not so secretly a Wierd Al fan), and yes, boots and dresses anytime, and a BIG yes to Big Top!
    There is a part of me that longs to go back and live in the country near home, or in that big brick house on Main St., but I know my young self is just not ready quite yet. Not quite yet.

  2. YAY! Big Top Ice Cream....Oh how I miss going there.

  3. So pretty. I never tire of such charm.

  4. beth: such wise words, "i know my young self is just not ready quite yet". i tend to fathom the impossible-- a big, lovely, affordable farm house on 10 acres just outside of some perfect city. le sigh.

    belly: yes, to big top! the best roadside ice cream stand EVER.

    denise: i never tire of it either...


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