What could be cuter than pies and quilts and a group of friends gathering to eat one and stitch the other? Last week was the first "Ps and Qs" gathering at friend's house, complete with strawberry rhubarb pie and blueberry ice cream pie--both delicious. We ate pie and settled about her Oakland apartment with our various fabric projects--hand embroidery, machine quilting, and cutting squares seemed to be most popular.

It might take me several months to finish my not-yet-started quilt project, but I'm going to do it! Now is the fun stage-- dreaming and collecting images and conducting research. I'm telling you, in a former life I was a craft research director. No, I've never heard of this position either but I trust it does exist. Maybe it's another position to add to my long list of in-another-life career options along with florist and interior decorator and marine biologist.

What's your alter ego do for a living? My husband says if he leaves his work as a theater designer he's going to be a forest ranger instead. Or a potato farmer. I suppose my marine biologist and his forest ranger could still be a good match. I hope you enjoy this collection of quilts--what a friend calls, "quiltspiration".


PS-- Lots of talk about this recent NYTimes article featuring yarn bombing. My favorite quote from the article, "Yarn bombing grows out of the larger D.I.Y. movement, which seeks to resurrect traditional handicrafts more typically associated with grandmothers, like knitting, canning, gardening and even raising chickens". On that note, if you haven't heard about craftivism, you might enjoy Betsy Greer's website too.


  1. What a great collection! I love your pinterest boards. Such an eye you have. I must learn how to use that wonderful resource! thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog.XO

  2. oh such goodness

    i'm still on a shrinky dink jewelry alter ego living thing ... :)

  3. These quilt images are great. I really like the one with the large creamy off-center border.

    Alter ego? I think she's a librarian.

  4. Would happily snuggle under any of those charming quilts right now. It's nearly midnight here and utterly freezing. (I love winter for its cosiness... I should add.)

  5. Oh the Gees Bend quilts are swoonworthy. Sounds like a great project.
    Hmmm, my alter ego? hmmmm...

  6. Fantastic quiltspiration. Only a true craft research director could find such a fantastic mix.

    My in-another-life career is something in science, probably climate related or something Diane Fossey-ish.


  7. What a great collection - I love that first one! I'm heading over to follow you asap!

  8. lari: i love your blog and your work. thanks for your kind words about my quilt-spiration board.

    lisa: that seems like a very good job for an alter ego.

    denise: i love that quilt too. so interesting to see so many takes on the tradition. a librarian, but of course!

    gracia: oh, i love winter too. but right now i am fully leaping into summer. and these quilts somehow work in all seasons too.

    bonbon: yes, yes. i love the gee's bend quilts. they are incredible. and endlessly inspiring. agreed.

    louise: thank you for encouraging my made-up career as craft research director! and yes, science certainly for you.

    katie: so nice to meet you! and i look forward to connecting on pinterest too. thanks for visiting here.


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