Seeking Summer and Cozy Hues






I am so persuaded by the change in weather. Finally, our cool days have given over to warmer whispers and promises of summer. I am reveling in sundresses and cool mint tea and open windows tossing curtains in the breeze. I'm ready to curl up with quiet shades of peach, sage, and beige while basking in the softest and laziest early summer light. We have been very busy around here. Between travels to the East Coast, big shows, and beloved house guests, I am now officially seeking what is cozy and hushed.

And the farmer's market is an ever-optimistic summer adventure on Sunday mornings. This weekend we came home with heavy bags full of peaches, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, sweat peas, onions, and fava beans. Our own little garden is still finding her footing, but already she's providing the prettiest lettuces and herbs. Dear summer, I cannot wait for your official visit so please do come soon.



  1. i know. finally. it's not freezing !


  2. Love the pics! I figured you guys in the east bay had all the sun you wanted by now! It's been an awful spring here in SF!

  3. I am really enjoying our weather today. Your farmers market haul looks perfect to me and your photographs here are representing that hushed cozy feeling so well.

  4. as it's still freezing in london, this post makes me want SUN! xxxooo

  5. lisa: finally! hot summer humid heat, so lovely.

    kathryn: thank you! it has been chilly on both sides of the bridge. i am ready for it to be "officially" summer. and it seems we are getting our wish!

    denise: i have been longing for hushed and cozy. so glad you are enjoying the weather too.

    jen: enjoy your time in london! i would trade my humid days for another trip to that gorgeous city, even in rain or shine. (hi bob, hi you.)

  6. You've captured summer here. Just the sort of quiet breath I needed to get me through the rest of the afternoon.

  7. Love these "cozy" hues! :)


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