So Many Cherries: In Honor of Homemade Jam

How do you reign in the first heat of summer?

Do you steam up your hot summer kitchen with summer jam? When pounds of produce make their way to our kitchen counters I know that summer has quite officially begun. And I get giddy with all the abundance and aromas and the heat and the chance to make a jam concoction that is just a bit closer to perfect than last summer's.

So we picked 10 pounds of cherries and now our urban homestead is officially aflutter with the season. But how could we refuse? Now we are cleaning and pitting in preparation for many jars of jam. We will make a rhubarb-cherry, a plum-cherry, and then the classic plain-old-cherry too.

I was doing a bit of flavor research and now I'm also daydreaming about this jam class over at Blue Chair. I'm thinking Rhubarb Jam with Plum & Ginger sounds completely divine.



  1. The light is very gentle and nice in these shots.

  2. You take the lovelist photos! Which farm is this, assuming it's in the bay area? We're well overdue a farm visit.

  3. beth: so glad you noticed the light. the way the sun filtered through the leaves was so so pretty.

    kathryn: thank you! this time, we drove out to brentwood in the far east bay to enos farms because they have organic cherries. but a much nicer drive is our usual tour down route 1 to the swanton strawberry farm right on the coast north of santa cruz. it's gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for these photos, dear Katrina. I am reminded of my summer days cherry picking in the heat of a January day.


  5. gracia: i think it's one of my favorite summer hobbies: harvesting and jamming and indulging in the heat of summer.

  6. Beautifully evocative of the essence of summer...I wish I had some homemade cherry jam to fill Ebelskivers with...my husband just bought a cookbook about them!


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