A Treasure Chest of Vintage Photos

On my last trip to NY I found a treasure chest. And this treasure chest lives at my mother's house and sometimes it makes its way out into the open space of the family room when we all gather together to eat and drink and tell stories and laugh and argue and ultimately remember. And every time the treasure chest is opened there's a slight chance you might leave with one of the treasures in your pocket.

And sure enough, this time the heaping box of family photos was hefted from its space in storage and I was lucky to leave with a pocket-sized treasure of my own. Just one small package from a commercial photo shop and on the back in my father's young handwriting it reads, "Rodabaugh, 8/19/60, 1 each wallet, print regardless". And inside there were 12 tiny packets of photographs-- mostly black & white, mostly from the 1950s, mostly of my father and his family-- tucked neatly into the aged packaging as if waiting to be found.



  1. Fun! I'm imagining the photographer.

  2. i love this. it's incredible seeing our parents old photos, a privilege into who they were before we were us.
    how could that even be?!

  3. What a great stash! Photos were just cooler back then.

  4. denise: what a lovely thought... to imagine the photographer so many years ago.

    deb: i know, right? as if they could have existed before us! geesh. and yes, so very fun to get that view of them too.

    lari: agreed. indeed.

  5. Just finding your blog and really enjoying it. I find old photos to be such treasures, especially since now we seem to just take thousands upon thousands of them, and they were quite scarce back then. Neat glimpses of the past.

  6. Oooh! I love the overall feeling of these, and I'm in general very inspired by your blog. There are so few people out there that dare to post predominately things only they made themselves. I have a notion that a blog should be a reflections of our own life and achievements, not others'.

    Here is a couple of old photos from my moms younger days btw:


    Hope you'll enjoy them :)


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