My Beloved Northern California Coast

We drove north a few hours and stole away for an entire week on the California coast. We befriended seals and rabbits and frogs and hawks and jays and vultures and fawns and bats and sheep and cows and also goats. We were greeted by waves crashing and reaching and tumbling and lulling along the beaches and against the cliffs.

We passed our days swimming and reading and cooking and dreaming and practicing yoga and then long walks and drives to various little towns along the coastline. We were without cell phone reception or internet access and the modern world just gently slipped away. Sweet bliss.

And now, we are back, and slowly making our way through our beautiful but busy urban lives. I'm amazed, how just one week away can feel like another life was lived completely.



  1. So beautiful. I love those other brief lives that weave through this one.

  2. your blog is just gorgeous - full of summer and bliss. thank you...

  3. My sister and I once did a backpacking trip up there along the coast. We didn't see anybody for three days, and stayed in one of those little driftwood huts one night...next morning we saw some pretty enormous animal footprints in the sand. Wild.

  4. So beautiful that sky and all those light grey hues. Thanks for the summer detour. It is much appreciated.

  5. Exactly. That's how it feels.

  6. Beautiful photos. I connected to your description of a week away, sometimes it can feel like being in a different world. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wonderful photos! We do live in a pretty amazing place! To be able to steal away and eat some of the freshest, tastiest food, see some of the most beautiful landscapes on this planet. I appreciate every day of it.

  8. denise: yes, our other brief lives are so important to this one. i agree.

    kevin: thank you. so kind. so nice of you to visit.

    lari: i would LOVE to stay in one of the driftwood houses. my husband and i were imagining all the folks who have been inside. and enormous footprints...wow!

    gracia: yes, the grays and browns and blues just melt my heart. they do.

    tracy: thanks for visiting here. so nice to "meet" you.

    nicolette: yes, like a different world. and very nice to "meet" you.

    kathryn: agreed. it's amazing what we can access from the bay area. the cities. the smaller towns. the bay. the ocean. the mountains. the farms! oh my. the list goes on.

    friends: thank you for sharing this space with me here. xoxo.


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