Quilt Commitments: Denyse Schmidt Fabrics

The quiltspiration has paid off. I've purchased eight different fabrics designed by Denyse Schmidt in various shades of blue, yellow, and red. I was thrilled to see her spring collaboration with Joann Fabrics resulting in the gorgeous DS Quilts line of modern, vintage-inspired, eye-popping, summer-affirming stripes, dots, blossoms, and squiggles. (Read more about the fabrics here or here.)

I'm still working out the details of my quilt pattern, but I think it will be similar to the one I've sketched above. Mostly stripes, free-form, similar heights but varying widths, a simple back with one stripe of detail, machine-quilted but the binding will be hand-stitched. Hooray! I've washed, ironed, and carefully folded the fabrics and now I'm ready for the big quilter's commitment: the cutting.

Tonight I'm scooting off with friends for a true 4th of July American tradition--barbecue and fireworks. For my friends stateside, I hope you are enjoying the same. xoxo, k.


  1. Love seeing these fabrics-- gives me a little sneak peak and some inspiration for a little project I'm working on...

  2. What a handsome array of fabric. Together, one beautiful and fantastical quilt they will make. Now, all the hard work and pattern perfecting. Good luck!

  3. Anonymous7/06/2011

    aaaaah, the cutting....same as for the carpenter....measure twice, cut once!! love you!!

  4. that is going to be one awesome quilt
    [and those photos a couple posts back. oh my god. amazing. seriously!]

  5. This is going to be lovely! I will have to check out those fabrics ... even though I just bought a pile from another shop. Happy quilting!

  6. I've entertained the idea of crocheting or knitting a blanket and making a quilt of some sort, yet haven't dedicated my time to it yet. Your process seems rewarding so far. Enjoy your making.

  7. shauna lee: nice to see you here, my friend. yes, the denyse schmidt fabrics are quite inspiring, right?

    gracia: thank you for the kind words. yes, now the hard work will begin!

    anonymous: measure twice, cut once. i love it!

    lisa: thank you, thank you friend. i haven't made a quilt in years and it feels so good to commit.

    kathryn: ah, spoken from a master like you! thank you for the kind words. and yes, fabrics are more than a little addictive, right? it's half the fun.

    denise: i still struggle with long-term craft projects. i like to make something in a weekend. but i do find great satisfaction in the longer-term projects too. oh, but patience is not always my virtue!

    friends: thanks for visiting here and encouraging me and being so lovely too. you make me happy.



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