View of My Work Table, Residencies, and Exhibitions Too.

(My most recent inspiration lines, above my desk.)

(Paper garlands in-progress, mostly recycled security envelopes.)

(An Alabama Chanin pattern, modified by yours truly.)

(A little embroidery tool stash.)

(New summer Polaroids, waiting to be scanned.)

(My poetry manuscript received edits before being sent out to presses. Eep!)

(The results of our recent cherry-picking adventure: a few jars of jam.)

Hi friends,

Suddenly, it is Tuesday. And I usually try to get here to post on Mondays but some Mondays turn into Tuesdays before I have much of a say in the matter. You know? I know you know. So I wanted to show you a few views of my work table. A few views of projects-in-progress. My heart is set on making the quilt I've been posting about, but there are a few other projects swirling around my studio periphery.

I'm also dreaming about these artist residency centers in various corners of the country: Elsewhere in NC, The Wassaic Project in NY, and the Recology AIR program at the San Francisco dump! They all sound magical. And I am swept up in thoughts of large-scale projects I might create as a resident. Projects I might begin. Other projects I might finish. But mostly the time and space and place to indulge in another large-scale craft installation. Yes, someday.

I'm also super excited about these shows close to home: Ratio 3 is exhibiting a Margaret Kilgallen solo exhibition and who doesn't love Margaret Kilgallen? The BAN6 show at YBCA is worth seeing--I thought Suzanne Husky, Allison Smith, Brion Nuda Rosch, and Mauricio Ancalmo took the cake. And the Stein exhibitions are beckoning again and again.

Oh, summer. You make me happy.



  1. I definitely know those Tuesday-Mondays. I also seem to have Sunday-Mondays and sometimes Thursday-Fridays. Time never seems to work out how I thought it would.
    Your workspace looks lovely and all your large scale installation plans sound very exciting. Best of luck with the residency applications. xolj

  2. oh yeah. just wait ! mondays will all of a sudden be fridays before you know it :)

    and yes to residencies - space/time/installations

  3. louise: i agree completely... mondays become tuesdays and saturdays become sundays most frequently around here it seems. thank you for the sweet wishes of luck.

    lisa: oh goodness to mondays becoming fridays! gulp. and yes, yes to time/ space/ installations and residencies near and far from home. xoxo.

  4. It certainly does seem like summer makes you happy. I like the look of the polaroid waiting to be scanned, and those paper elements in wait. The patterns inside those envelopes are brilliant. They've become something of a rarity to my mailbox. All too often it is the white inside and white outside DL envelope for me.

    Enjoy your summer stretch, Katrina.

    g xo


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