Nesting: Stitches, Quilts, Dahlias, and Muffins.

Dear friends,

I would venture to say that in my 31st week of pregnancy, the "nesting" has officially set in. A few things I wanted to share regarding stitches and quilts and flowers and baking:

Thing 1: This little blue sweater jumped into my basket at the thrift store and begged to come home with me. I swiftly agreed. And once we were home I dipped into my felted sweater stash and pulled out the means for two pockets on the front and one blue whale on the back. Add a bit of contrasting red thread for the buttons and there you have it-- a crafty cardigan for the future little one. I wonder if other sweaters will jump into my basket the next time.

Thing 2: The quilt fabric is officially cut into strips that are being cut into smaller strips and then sewn together in a free-form pattern. I love working with such bold graphic prints. And I love that this quilt will only measure 54 inches by 36 inches when I'm finished (a crib quilt) so all the stitch-work does not seem overwhelming. Instead, it seems small and manageable and fun.

Thing 3: Muffins and dahlias. Because they are both so lovely to have around. Muffins because I can use any fruit or nuts we have on hand and we have no trouble eating them all week long. (Last week: zucchini from the garden and golden raisins. This week: apples and lemon and walnuts.) Dahlias because I love them. And because I love the range of colors and varieties and petal structures. And because I bought three bunches for just $10 at the farmer's market on Sunday afternoon. How could I resist?



  1. What a blue whale! Brilliant and clever you! Your future little one ought love wearing that.

    Enjoy those dahlias. They are such a happy bloom, I think.

  2. and your flowers kind of match the fabrics! loving your fabric choices! will be so fun to see it finished. i love baby quilts for that same manageable reason.

  3. happy happy nesting.
    the whale is SO SO cute !

  4. that whale sweater rules, lady!

  5. gracia: thank you! i have fallen in love with blue whales lately, so the little one needed a blue whale too.

    shash: yes, my flowers do match the fabrics. tee hee. agreed: baby quilts are good for less intimidating quilt projects.

    lisa: oh goodness, i can't find enough time to nest! glad you like my new whale friend.

    shauna: thank you, friend. xoxo, k.


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