Pattern & Color & Texture Too

I've been thinking about pattern and color and texture. And about how pattern and color fit with minimalism or blank white walls or how too much stimulation fits perfectly against too little. I am not a minimalist by nature. I'm a collector, a gatherer, a fan of too many words and too many patterns and too many stitches. So I need pauses and empty spaces to contrast my collections.

I'm gathering inspiration for some design ideas around our home. I'm amassing a new nursery board over on Pinterest, but I'm also taking to the analog form of inspiration--my beloved design books. I adore the interiors in the photos above and below. (Below from the new-to-me magazine, Anthology. Above from the ever-popular design book, Decorate.)

Through my inspiration boards I've realize that fresh flowers from the farmer's market are part of my regular "decorating" routine. (And, amazingly, they never cost over $10 a pop.) And that my eye is drawn to the same thing again and again whether it's a space designed for children or adults. I like pretty dark floors, crisp white walls, textiles bursting with color and pattern, and lovingly arranged artwork on the walls or tabletops.

As we transform the walk-in closet into a tiny nursery (about 70 sq. feet) I am thinking about pattern and color and texture for a little boy's room. And I am looking around the rest of our apartment taking note of the colors and patterns I've already established.

So, I'm in a gathering phase. A collecting phase. Amassing the inspiration boards on Pinterest and bookmarking pages in magazines and books. Happily tripping over visual feasts that other artists and designers have already concocted. And it's good fodder for creative work--the gathering, reflecting, and arranging of things.



  1. This is some lovely inspiration! (I checked out your pinterest boards)

    It's really important to get to know how ones preferences to decorating style. I'm definitively something in the middle of being a collector and a minimalist - but I'm still searching for my style. Flowers are always nice to decorate with. Here in Norway flowers are pretty expensive. My mom has a large garden with so many roses, so we eventually get a lot of beautiful flower bouquets during the summer.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a nice day :)

  2. I had an approx. 70 sf. nursery too, and it was the very room I primped for my wedding. I wish I had a room to trandorm, add character to, and colorize.

    Don't forget to think of scale and measure. The scale of things can be an amazing tool. Measure (like music) is necessary. the room needs a beat, and it can be "off".
    I look forward to seeing your masterpiece, or shall I say master-peace?

  3. You are in a great phase right now. So much positive energy visible here. Have fun!

  4. I love your pinterest boards! Lot's of ideas! We're about to decorate my daughters tiny new room (we found a country house!) but she gets to choose what to do now that she's almost 7 ... a tad scary to let go given how much I love the decorating process. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. I see my rug on the floor in that first photo. I am sitting on it now as I read your blog and comment.

    As Denise commented previous, "Have fun!"...and I look forward to seeing more.

  6. yes yes and yes !
    you have a great eye. your home feels so cozy and loved

  7. halina: so glad to see you on pinterest. it's addicting and wonderful all at once. yes, we are fortunate for affordable flowers and local produce here in CA. i agree.

    beth: i love what you said about "a beat" and a measure. i've been thinking about that all week. thank you for sharing.

    denise: oh gosh. well i am literally bursting at my former seams. so, i suppose it's natural i am bursting in several directions. :)

    kathryn: i love to decorate. and do believe that design, crafting, decorating, and artmaking are all related in my world. and congrats on your house! how exciting.

    gracia: how fun that we have the same rug! such a sweet design connection on opposite sides of this little planet.

    lisa: oh, thanks for the compliment my friend. i'm honored that you think so.



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