Polaroids and Fantasy Crates of Film



I dream of someday stumbling upon a flea market or a yard sale or entering an old, small town, dusty photo shop where there is a crate of Polaroid film with my name on it. Yes, an entire crate with my name scrawled across the top and inside there are ample, unopened packages of that marvelous, addictive, and hard-to-find instant film. (Le Sigh.)

My stash of Polaroid film is quickly dwindling. To be exact, I only have two packages left. I am savoring them like the last slice of strawberry-rhubarb pie with that same sadness and blind optimism too. With the hope that next summer's berries will be just as good and yet with the full recognition that this season's rhubarb has already come to an end. (Double le sigh.)

A few recent Polaroid summer captures just for you: Blooming hydrangeas spill over a neighbor's pretty picket fence, a lazy afternoon with my cowgirl boots in the park, and a blue beloved vintage car just around the corner from my abode.

Hello, Oakland, you pretty summer love.


PS--Thank you for your sweet comments on last week's post. You sure know how to make a girl beam.


  1. Polaroids are so lovely, and I'm really sad to hear that they don't produce any more of that 600 film. Last I checked, they were developing a new type of films for the new 600's and I'm not sure why they stopped.

    What to do with all those wonderful cameras?

  2. I myself prefer the polaroid peel-apart films rather than the integral ones. But I am like you, I am running out of those magical films. As for integral films, I am finishing my last packs of Artistic TZ films... Impossible Project are making some new films. They are becoming more and more stable, more and more interesting, for us instant film lovers.

  3. You are so good with it. I feel hopeful. As in your dreams, more will come to you.

  4. Oh, I'm so with you!! If only I could be standing next to you at that same yard sale and there would be a crate with my name on it too. I have one box left. One box. Was thinking of packing it in the hospital bag for Ralph to use (but already thinking the light will be terrible). Maybe I'll save it for when we come to CA next year? We can plan an excursion with babies and cameras. XOXO, K

  5. "the last slice of strawberry-rhubarb pie" is the very best.

  6. halina: i know. ugh. i want to believe that the film will be developed again soon. and those pretty cameras will not just collect dust.

    karine: yes, "magical films" is the way to describe them. i haven't checked-in on the Impossible Project in many months. thanks for the reminder to do so.

    denise: dreams do come true! thank you for the good hope.

    karen: we will have to summon the polaroid goddesses to put us together at a flea market and find our selves before two boxes of film. one marked "karen" and the other "katrina".

    gracia: i completely agree. the first and the last. bittersweet perfection.


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