A Studio Visit and The Stein-Inspired Dresses

A bit of exciting news to share with you today. This afternoon I was fortunate to be visited by two lovely curators organizing a Stein-based show in Washington DC in October. Luckily, three of the dresses and the patchwork quilt from The Dresses/ Objects Project will make their way across the country for an East Coast premier. Hooray!

Amazing to think that The Dresses/ Objects Project was just one year ago July. My goodness, time moves so quickly that I have to stop everything and sit very still in order to just catch a glimpse of it. (And a glimpse of me in it.)

Very good to reconnect with the dresses and this show. To remember the many months of preparation and creation and installation. And to know these pieces will enjoy a new life in an exhibition with an entirely new audience soon. Sadly, I will have to let the exhibition photographs suffice for the experience of being there as the show opens about 10 days before my due date.

Perhaps that means it's a double-birth?!?



  1. Congrats on having your pieces in the show! I really love those dresses, amazing!

  2. Congratulations! Hard work never goes unrewarded...unless you are an industrial interior designer. ;)
    It's too bad you can't be present, but there isn't a better thing that I can think to do than incubate the bundle of joy for the last, and perhaps most important days before the big debut!

  3. denise: thank you!

    kathryn: thank you, thank you. i worked on the project for 3 years and finished last summer. so it's such a treat to have them exhibited again.

    beth: agreed! i wish the exhibition was closer but i'm happy to nest near home for the month of october. and october, good grief, is so soon.


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