Flea Market Marvels

My heart races when I enter the gates of a carefully curated flea market or not-so-carefully curated thrift store. Antique shops, flea markets, thrift stores, good wills, auctions, and even yard sales have had this effect on me since I was little.

Practically? It's still the greenest way to shop. But mostly? I know there are treasures waiting to be found. And I know that if I look closely and carefully I will be the one to find them. And when I find them amidst the castoffs and giveaways, well, it's just true love forever.

This weekend we went to the Alameda Flea Market. We left the house earlier and foggier than usual and headed over to join the thrifting, junking, treasure-hunting masses. We didn't have much time, but just being there for a bit was worth our early morning efforts.

What I didn't need and didn't come home with is this little box of hand-painted eggs (below). But my pulse climbed when I saw them and I stood marveling at their detail well after I snapped these photos. Aren't they gorgeous? I love their bright colors and folk painted prints. My mother always had an Easter egg tree and these little lovelies reminded me of her treasures.

We did manage to find a tiny bookshelf perfect for the soon-to-be nursery, a large vintage watering can, and a gorgeous glass door knob--a rather practical list of treasures. However, I did not come home with more plaid wool blankets, Pyrex dishes, vintage dresses, or medium-format cameras (photos above).

No, I did not. But next month if I have more time to browse and if the weather is more agreeable, well, I can't promise I'll be able to resist. Those eggs, for instance, are still making me marvel.



  1. I know this feeling that you are talking about. For a while my parents didn't have much money, so we did our "shopping" at some flea markets at times. Love it! It's such a fall-ish thing to do!

  2. you nailed the feeling.
    i miss thrifting. so much i don't need anymore... but it's still fun
    great seeing you yesterday....

  3. halina: yes, it has a certain feeling. and flea markets always make my heart sing.

    lisa: i know, it's more browsing and less shopping now. but it's still great fun to edit down the "needs" that will fit into our tiny place. SO good to see you. always wish we had more time. xoxo.


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