Gold, Amber, and Orange: Autumn Too

(35 weeks along, 5 weeks to go: grow, baby, grow)

(a weekend trip to Little Farm in Tilden Park)

(the sweetest mama cow with sunlight on her ears)

(concrete, denim, amber and gold)

(soft ambers and baked goods for autumn too)

This is a dreamy time of year-- summer spills her last batch of vibrant pinks and greens and purples to make way for autumn's golds and ambers and orange. Every spring I'm reminded of promise and optimism and everything budding up green. And every autumn I'm reminded of reflection and gratitude and everything cozying up for the winter ahead.

In the Bay Area, the seasons are a bit less predictable than in my native New York. September does not necessarily mean cooler days and the beckoning of wool and plaid. Instead, it usually means warmer days as the temperatures inland start to cool off and the fog can swing back out over the mighty Pacific. Instead of wool and cashmere it calls for sundresses and sandals. Come September, we typically get a burst of summer heat before the rains.

But somewhere in my seasonal clock, September means autumn. It means back-to-school and bursts of foliage and the beginning of wood fires and temperatures conducive to baking pies. Regardless of the warm days here in Oakland, my internal monitor is seeking out autumn instead. I want to knit, bake, wear fingerless gloves and sweater tights and cardigans, collect gourds and mums, and simmer spiced chai. Everywhere I look it's full of gold and amber and orange.



  1. I'm feeling autumn creeping over us here in Norway with shorter days, golden trees and lots of wool clothing pulled out from that dark spots of our closets :)

    You have so many things to look forward to! I wish you a lovely fall!

    ♥ Halina

  2. I completely understand about the seasonal clock. Living in Houston now, we are still having 95 degree days, but my Upstate NY self keeps dreaming of hearty soups, tights, scarves, sweaters with jeans, and lots and lots of baked apple goodness. In fact I had to run out an get apples to make my hubby's grandmother's apple cake over the weekend. (If you can consider the little puny things we get down here as fresh fall apples)

  3. I have already tried to post this once...in short:

    I have the yellow shoes in this post
    I have the koi dish
    and oddly enough,
    I also have a plastic baby doll that you have on your shelf(from various past blogs).

  4. little farm is so great !

    and i spy a modify/d ele - did you buy that or did someone purchase it for you hmmmm....

    hope to see you + belly soon

  5. Beautiful!! I just to know your blog today and I like it!! I´ll follow your clue :D
    Very original and positive post!!
    Kisses from Madrid ♥ ♥

  6. halina: this all sounds like heaven. gosh, autumn makes me happy too.

    belly: yes! the desire for an upstate NY autumn is just so deep in my bones. sigh.

    beth: what? that's crazy. and wonderful. and mostly crazy wonderful. wish you lived closer for house & clothing swaps.

    lisa: yes, it was a gift at the shower! i love.

    me salen alas: welcome! so nice to have you here. thanks for commenting to say hello.



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