Autumn Polaroids







Oh, you know I cannot resist the pull of the pretty analog--letterpress, Polaroid, needle & thread, typewriters, and so the list goes on. But there's something extra special about analog film. It's extra special because you tuck it away in a big box and then you leaf through that big box and then you find things that you didn't notice before. The light, maybe. Or the subject and how he/ she/ it has changed. Or maybe it's the composition.

I took these photos last autumn but they never made it to my scanner so they have been quietly hidden inside the little red Polaroid box until now. They seemed to be tucked there amidst the stack just waiting for this very October to be shared with you. Something about brown plaid and moody skies and plump pumpkins and a blue vintage dress.

Happy Autumn. And Happy (almost) Halloween.


PS-- It was too much fun showing you the nursery. So this Thursday I'll show you the rest of our tiny apartment and studio too (complete with virtual cookies and tea).


  1. My absolute favorite season, fall! Lovely retro looking shots!

  2. These are delightful images!

    I agree, something so special about the quality of polaroid, (not to mention the specialness of watching them develop!) and how true... the placing photos in a box or an album, tucking them away and the joy of finding them later. I hardly ever even print photos anymore, what a shame.

  3. kathryn: agreed! i love autumn like the pumpkins love halloween!

    victoria: i know. there is something magical about a stash of polaroid images tucked into a box. digital is wonderful, but it's not the same to sift through my e-files. saves paper though, i suppose...

  4. I am in loooove with these Polaroids! Great pictures.

  5. jkd: thank you, thank you!


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