More Like a List of Things

Hello friends,

Welcome to my corner of the world. Today, a list of things somewhat sporadic instead of a coherent or well-thought story to tell. Instead, thoughts like clouds passing but not like you are looking at the entire sky. A leaf in the late afternoon light. The squirrels arguing over something I cannot understand though one looks at me like I should try to understand him/ her or possibly mediate.

The photos above: An embroidery project in-progress and natural linen and red thread will always make me happy. A collection of eucalyptus buttons from a recent walk in the woods and the buttons still smell like the woods but on my studio table so miles away from the forest. Leg warmers for the little one, inspired by sock monkey colors. I have just acquired Maira Kalman's "The Principles of Uncertainty" and I am liking it very much.

Today is my due date! But the little one has decided he will arrive fashionably late, it seems. So I am employing my anticipation to stitch, sew, write, read, bake, walk, dream, and to notice the quiet moments all around me. There is a pause around me now. A palpable waiting.

And you? What are you pausing to notice these days?



  1. i keep checking here wondering if he's here (or outside) yet. :-) ox

  2. I am pausing to notice the opportunities all around that I sometimes miss. The best to you in these final days of pregnancy.

  3. Hi Katrina, thank you for commenting on my blog. You have a nice blog yourself!

    Have to read and take time to discover :)

  4. Best of luck with the birth! Those little ones are typically late the first time! Mine was born a week late on 11/11. This year 11/11/11 quite a number!

  5. ah. late.
    hang in there.
    let me know if there's anything i can do to help.
    we are close.
    will bring food once he arrives :)

  6. I am actually completing a baby blanket for a little girl that has recently arrived in this world. My husband works with the proud father. Interesting how I'll be completing it on your due date. It seems today is a day dedicated to thoughts of little ones. I adore the tiny leg warmers! Enjoy your quiet waiting.

  7. It looks very pretty, all that you do. Maybe there is someone very small (but big in thoughts) keeping you busy now.

    Happy new days.

  8. What a beautiful, beautiful post. I love how you honor the simply and the sweet. (And those eucalyptus buttons are exquisite.)

    Best wishes on the birth, (it may have already happened by now???) xoxo

  9. "We see trees.
    What more do we need?"

    I agree. Lovely stuff.

    g xo

  10. P.S. Best wishes... XO

  11. Looking at today's date, I am guessing you might no longer be waiting... Hope all is going well with you and your new little family. xolj

  12. shash: he is here! finally.

    kevin: so lovely.

    eyesnacks: nice to meet you.

    kathryn: yes, you were right. a few days late and a long labor. but now he's here!

    lisa: wow. that's how i feel, friend. wow. will share details over tea.

    denise: hooray for baby gifts! and handmade ones, of course. i'm sure your blanket is gorgeous.

    anna: yes, small in size but big in thoughts. or in my heart.

    victoria: how kind. thank you. gosh, i try.

    gracia: agreed. what more do we need? and thank you for the wishes.

    louise: yes! the suspense is over. the journey continues. the little one is divine.

    friends: thank you. for all of it. just, thank you.


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.