Welcome to Our Nursery!

(A view of the littlest room in the house.)

(I made the pillow from quilt scraps. Fabric by Denyse Schmidt for JoAnn's.)

(The big secret? Our clothes rack hangs behind that white curtain. Hush, don't tell.)

(Artwork left to right: Mobile by me, feather block print by 1canoe2, top photo by Andrea C. Jenkins aka Girl Hula, bottom sun print by yours truly. Apologies, I can't find the press name for the letterpress whale card.)

(A simple mobile made of linen, embroidery thread, and fiber stuffing.)

(Another view: A baby-friendly collection of vintage and antique furniture. We had almost everything except the tiny bookshelf from the Alameda Flea Market and the vintage dresser [below] from Craigslist.)

(Embellished sweaters made weeks ago, fabric bunting just finished, and a budding collection of vintage baby hangers.)

(Gifts from friends: a team of toys and softies.)

(Another view: Looking into our bedroom. Far right: ABC print by Sycamore Street Press.)

(Children's books by favorite artists: Nikki McClure and Clare Rojas.)


The nursery is finished! (Okay, minus a handmade quilt and a hanging mobile waiting patiently by my studio desk. Otherwise, the nursery is ready for the little one.) We converted our walk-in closet into a tiny baby's room. Our small, one bedroom, city apartment is about 650 sq feet but I was determined to create a space in our home that felt like it was designed for our soon-to-be son.

So, we assessed the various corners of our cozy abode and decided the walk-in closet was the answer. For those of you who like the details: The closet is about 8.5 feet by 7.5 feet total-- minus 2 feet for our hanging clothes rack (behind the white curtain)-- we were left with 6.5 feet by 7.5 feet or 49 square feet for the nursery. And, magically, 49 square feet is enough! I chose items carefully, paired down, dreamed up, and shifted things we already owned to keep it all affordable. And now, it is finally complete.

I like to think of it as our vintage-circus-inspired baby boy's room full of animals and stripes and dots and handmade love and bright colors. Admittedly, I was hellbent and determined that neither a small space nor a tight budget would keep me from designing and decorating a little space for our newborn dreams. Voila! A walk-in closet turned nursery.

Welcome to our home, dear friends. I do hope you liked the visit.



  1. I love it, and I think it's great you made all this within a tight budget! It's amazing what you can do, even with money restrains. It turned out absolutely lovely!

  2. That looks quite spacious in there! Nicely done! Great finds from the flea market. You look like you're all ready to go.

  3. Thanks for letting me pop my head in... it all looks charming and utterly welcoming.

    Exciting times ahead! Here is to the adventure!

  4. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful!
    Great job. I'm trying to decorate my house within a tight budget as well.. not easy - I can definitely say that...

    I just got here though Moments of a Libra. It's such a great thing that both of us are on her 'lovely people' list :P

    Have a great week!


  5. oh my, it's the perfect nest. I love it!!

  6. So sweet - thanks for the sneak peek!

  7. oh katrina! oh, it's lovely! and I am so incredibly honored to have my photograph up on the wall in the midst of all that fun loveliness! xo

  8. Wait a minute...you had a closet with a window? This is perfect! So adorable. I just love your little linen mobile.

  9. so beautiful and so katrina! love it. wish i had your creativity for my own house, so far baby's "room" is a corner in my living/dining room, poor munchkin :)

  10. Utterly charming, and oh, so cozy looking! Your baby shall be very happy! xo

  11. halina: thank you! yes, big dreams are possible on little budgets. i'm convinced.

    kathryn: i feel ready to go. now, it's just up to babes. i'm on his time, so it seems!

    gracia: so glad you were here to visit. oh yes, adventures, for certain. gulp.

    luisa: so nice to "meet" you! thanks for visiting here and so glad you liked the tour.

    esti: hello my friend! so glad you were here to visit.

    kevin: my pleasure. thanks for saying hello.

    andrea: well i am so honored to have your photos on my walls. you are one super duper talented lady, my friend.

    denise: yes! a closet with a window was asking to be a nursery, right? i thought so too. so glad you like the linen mobile.

    laurel: thank you, sweet you. your little munchkin is going to be one lukcy munchkin, regardless of his/ her room.

    victoria: oh gosh, i hope he's happy here. thanks for visiting, kind you.

    friends: you've made my week. thanks for your visits and comments and kind words. you make a pregnant lady feel a little bit lighter.


  12. jennifer10/24/2011

    The most adorable and comforting room I've ever layed eyes on.


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