Welcome to the World, Little One.

***Welcome, Maxwell Forest***

Dear friends,

Our son has finally arrived! As many of you might have suspected given the long delay since my last post--he was born two weeks ago after a long, complicated labor. After some health hiccups I am happy to say that we are both home and turning the corner towards recovery. As a result, I'm learning the art of surrender very early on in motherhood and I'm also learning to slow down to a snail's pace (a very slow snail's pace) and let the days wane and wax as they will.

He is bewildering and magical and beautiful all at once. And we are exhausted and time has taken on a new meaning and, of course, sleep too. I keep seeing this image of a tiny mythical creature falling through the paper ceiling of my life and landing in my arms. Part human. Part animal. Part myth. Part fairytale. Like a satyr. Or a centaur. Or more like a tiny human with brown sparrow wings tucked against his perfect newborn back. He's other worldly, like he burst through this very fragile divide that separates worlds and now we are learning to occupy this human world together. I tell you, he's magic.

Time is suddenly irrelevant. So until soon, friends, until soon. And in the meantime... Welcome, Maxwell Forest, that bright light is the sun.



  1. i was just going to txt you ! so happy to see this. was wondering if he had finally arrived.

    hello sweet maxwell.
    hello mamahood.
    yes. time... everything. it is all different now.

    let me know if/when you are up for a visit. i can bring some food, etc.....

    your mom is still here yes?

  2. Congratulations!! What a wonderful name. Yes, DO rest when you can and enjoy these moments, they're too fleeting!

  3. what a gorgeous post katrina. wonderful words, and so fun to finally see him. glad to read you are on the mend. sending big oxs to you.

  4. Anonymous11/14/2011

    he is beautiful. take your time...sit on the couch in your p.j's holding him all day long. it's the best time you'll ever spend.

  5. Oh, you dear. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Sending great congrats your way, and wishing lots of lovely nesting with your new family. xo.

  6. Congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful. It is amazing how such a little thing has such a huge impact on our lives. Enjoy every moment as they are too fleeting. Take care and rest whenever you are given the chance.

  7. He is a beauty and I can only imagine the magic and fantasticalness of the new cozy bundle in your arms. Glad you are both doing well dear.
    Hugs to you!

  8. O, what love! Joy! Adore! Enjoy each moment! Congratulations to you both!
    He is beautiful!! I can't stop exclaiming! So happy for you guys!

  9. I am glad to hear that you are both doing well. congratulations!! Motherhood to a boy is so fantastic, fun and enjoyable, I mostly do not have words that describe what my heart wants to shout!

  10. His picture is precious and I'm sure it only captures a fraction of all that he is. Happy to hear all are doing well and yes, as said, all is different now but in the best ways. Those middle of the night feedings will soon be sweet heartfelt memories!!

  11. I have often admired your stunning words and images from afar and after a lapse it was wonderful to read about you meeting your little one! Wishing you wonderful adventures in your new world.

  12. Some weeks ago I saw photos of him in your belly, and now here he is! The world is full of wonders!

  13. oh i love this post more than i can say. can't wait to get to actually hold the maxwell nugget next time :) xxxooo

  14. "He is bewildering and magical and beautiful all at once." xo

    Congratulations! I am so very happy for you and your little new family.

  15. thank you, thank you, thank you. thanks for your kind words and sweet congratulations and thoughtful comments. wow, suddenly i'm a mom! love to everyone reading... xoxo, k.


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