Other People's Pretty and Holiday Inspiration

Source: etsy.com via Katrina on Pinterest


Somehow, it is already December. And somehow, the holidays are just around the corner. And somehow, I haven't yet purchased or crafted one holiday present. I haven't hauled the decorations out of the bottom of the closet. I haven't baked one cookie in honor of the merry winter celebrations. This year, I might just dress our newborn in red and white stripes and consider our apartment "decorated".

Instead, it's been warm in Oakland and I've been welcoming the gorgeous warm weather by taking long walks with the little one. I will not complain about the pretty winter sunlight or the warm windy afternoons but my heart is full of lazy silver snowflakes and boughs of evergreen. You can take the girl out of New York but you just can't take New York out of the girl. Le sigh.

I am managing to make a few new ornaments for our Christmas tree and I have holiday cards waiting for best wishes to be written and sent. Little pockets of time here and there and yonder. I've also started a new holiday-themed board over on Pinterest to indulge my wintery visions (complete with the gorgeous found images posted here).

This year, it seems I am amassing a collection of other people's pretty.



  1. I've been indulging in those long walks too. There are all kinds of merry.

  2. That's how I feel this month, December is coming too soon and I haven't done a thing yet. I look at my daughter oohing and aaahing over all the decorations in the city and feel bad! I love your inspiration board, it might get me working this weekend!

  3. denise: the long walks are glorious, aren't they? and somehow more decadent in december.

    kathryn: oh, it's so suddenly december. pinterest has been keeping me inspired with all sorts of eye candy.


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