Blue and Brown and Not-Quite-Midnight

This post is a study in color: lavender, plum, lilac, purple or dusk, dawn, not-quite-midnight, and also early morning. A study in color: brown, beige, gray, grey or bark, dust, tree branch, and the many colors of fog. That's what these photographs make me think of: color and how that color relates to other things like morning and fog and not-quite-midnight.

I am busy stitching and sewing and updating and preparing for the relaunch of my online shop. It's very exciting. To think about filling the virtual shelves with handmade things after a dry spell. And I have been taking many walks around the neighborhood with the little one and noticing all the brick and mortar shops around me. I like to imagine how my virtual shop might look as a brick and mortar shop someday. And I realize there are so many things I want to show you about Oakland.

Sometimes I am so busy daydreaming about my imaginary life in the country (with a beautiful old barn magically restored into artist studios with beautiful old letterpress equipment and beautiful patchwork curtains and wide wood floors) that I forget to mention how much I love my urban oasis. How much I love the peculiar corners and cross streets and clashes of creativity and culture. One day, I will take you on a virtual tour of my beloved Oakland.

For now, happy February. And happy lavender and brown or mornings and fog and not-quite-midnight.



  1. It does finally feel like winter here with the overcast skies. Like you I'm torn between the country life and the urban. It's nice to be able to do both right now but it's a tad insane making it happen smoothly! Love the pictures. That donut photo? Now you've got me craving them this morning! argh!

  2. Lovely images and I so relate to your town and country feelings.

  3. kathryn: i love that these photos make you think of winter. me too. lavender and gray. and yes, the distance between urban and rural. sigh.

    denise: thank you, you. if only there was one place that was both rural and urban. hmm.


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