Studio Happenings and Inspirations

Hi friends,

I've been finding teeny tiny bouts of time in the studio to work on teeny tiny projects. And as my studio life often reflects (or maybe imitates) what is orbiting in my physical life, it seems only suiting that I've been working on a very small scale. I'm learning to work for 20-30 minutes at a time because that's how my schedule shifts while tending to the little one. And it makes me wonder how I spent those glorious long hours alone with my thoughts and my tools and a big pretty studio window overlooking the busy street below. Time, you masquerader, you.

I'll be restocking my Etsy shop in a few weeks and the photos above are a sneak peek at some of the new work. I'm currently drawn to natural fibers and hues punctuated by bold primary pops of color. Fuschia against linen. Red against pale brown. And lime green against a dusty white. I've always loved how the songbirds look at the feeder against the winter snow. And I think my recent trip to NY re-inspired this familiar winter view. So I'm recreating the palette in my projects? Yes, perhaps so. I am endlessly inspired by the nuances of weather and season. Ho hum.

And... I am currently loving these design books: Open Studios with Lotta Jansdotter, MicroGreen: Tiny Houses in Nature, and Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers. And have you seen this cabin design website yet? Good grief. As if I needed another design drool-worthy distraction.

Happy week to you.



  1. Already you put most of us moms to shame, back at work already?! Impressive! Yes, you will always look back wistfully on those hours that stretched out before you had kids. Amazing thing, time. Love your new work and can't wait to see it in the shop! Oh, and thanks for the cabin site, there goes an hour!

  2. Katrina, I'm marveling at you. And I love these new "teeny-tiny projects". Something about these delightful hues and hints and accents of color gives so much life to my thought process! xoxo

  3. I like these teeny tiny projects. It's amazing how we adapt. Good to know you are feeling inspired and enjoying yourself.

  4. yes to small projects ! hurrah !
    [if only my little would remember the days i gocco'd with her strapped to me ;)]

  5. I love teeny tiny things. Lovely.

  6. Small work is good,
    From someone who also works small

  7. kathryn: i know, that cabin site is so addictive. ugh. thank you for the good cheers in getting back into my studio.

    me: oh joy! i love knowing that these colors please you like they please me. perfect.

    denise: adapt. yes, yes. and right now my studio life is teeny tiny!

    lisa: i love this image of you and F. perfect. i haven't tried this yet but maybe now i will!

    alisa: thank you. and thanks for visiting here.

    gracia: cheers to our little things!



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