Winter Wonderlands

I've returned from the land of winter. The true winter. The deep-in-your-insides winter. The no-way-to-escape it winter. The winter-winter. The chill. The gasp. The edges of weather. And it was enchanting, I must admit.

Snow. And just a bit more snow. And mostly just chilly but some days it was down right impossible. And my California body doesn't understand a New York winter anymore. It's been almost a decade and I've been reset. Re-patterned. Re-purposed, maybe. But some part of me still peeks out from behind the freeze and grows giddy with the barren trees and piercing sky and spread of white across the hillsides and rooftops and lawns. Yes, giddy.

I am easing back into my studio life. I am already loving 2012. I have a few projects on the horizon and look forward to sharing them with you as they evolve. Hi there, 2012. It's very nice to meet you.



  1. I was born in Chicago and understand what you are describing here. I know I've changed, but still, I miss that snow.

  2. Happy 2012! I've never experienced a real winter, I'm a wimp! Raised in Florida and settled here in CA. I envy that. But we did see some ice this morning at least here in San Francisco. You too over there across the bay?

  3. denise: yes, that snow. and how it changes our perception of the outdoors. and even our looking out the windows. sigh.

    kathryn: congrats on all your recent success, brilliant you! yes, chilly here in the east bay but nothing like that new york frigid.

  4. These are gorgeous! Wow!


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