Giveaway: Eco-Friendly Art Challenge

(photos from sunday's trip to the farmer's market.)

I've been thinking about sustainable living and my modest attempts to keep an environmentally-friendly art practice and to support other folks making similar choices. I want to celebrate what we do to make strides towards sustainable and creative lives. (Yes me and you and you.) I want to know what other folks are doing to marry creativity and sustainability in their own lives.

I want to celebrate these marriages. I want to celebrate all the artists, designers, crafters, makers, creatives, and any folks making choices to "green" their studios, homes, and/ or lifestyles. Do you use "up-cycled" materials? Do you source non-toxic goods? Do you recycle like it's your day job? Do you garden, jam, can, bake, or otherwise "make" with your own two hands?

To celebrate this thinking I'm hosting a giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment stating one thing you do to embrace eco-friendly creativity. (Artists and non-artists equally encouraged to comment.) Maybe you fixed a hole in your favorite socks instead of buying a new pair. Maybe you made a quilt out of fabric scraps. Maybe you made 20 jars of jam last summer and gave them as holiday gifts. Or maybe you make homemade cards from magazine cutouts. I want to know!

I'll accept comments until March 15. Then I'll choose one winner and create a custom-made soft sculpture entirely from fabric scraps (see post below). The winner will pick from a handful of themes and colors and I'll craft a custom hanging mobile just for her/ him. I hope you'll join me in this thinking. I'd really love your insights.


PS--For more eco-creativity inspiration, check out these amazing folks: Taproot Magazine, Dottie Angel's Challenge, Suzanne Husky, Tend, and EcoPoetics Journal.


  1. i don't do as much as i want to do, but i try do a bit more each week so that i am moving in the right direction. since i am not a (practicing) artist, i currently only have lifestyle / mama green-things. i cloth diaper, use cloth wipes and make my own disposable wipes (at least no packaging!). i also make most of the baby food, use cloth napkins at home and make my own cleaning products that i put in reusable containers. nice to focus on some of what i do instead of what i wish i did... :)

    p.s. your soft sculptures are so swoon-worthy. i am crushing on them!

  2. Can I mention two? The first was a series of farm/food/agriculture embroidery pieces I made from vintage mens shirts and vintage embroidery hoops. http://www.deniseparsons.com/whereareyoufrom.html The second was a joint project I did with my little brother, Alex. We created several reusable canvas versions of the pink plastic Chinatown grocery bag for a City|Space exhibition. http://www.deniseparsons.com/chinatown.html Good memories... Now it is fewer physical green creative projects (more writing) and more of a green day-to-day way of life -- no car, compost, recycle, reuse bags, digital photography using old point-and-shoot, etc.

  3. just finished the last jar of homemade plum-vanilla jam sourced from the tree up the block. pickles with lunch today. solar power art project on the horizon. fun.

  4. i have two creative things to share:

    i built phoenix a tree house out of completely recycled/up-cycled lumber.

    i created a bean biology workbook for my nieces - sent them home grown seeds for xmas.

  5. I do not create art as much as I'd like right now, though I know this will change eventually. For now, I concentrate on gardening, biking 9a bit less than before but still going), mending holes (in socks, pants, shirts, shorts), and Freecycling/CraigsListing as much as possible. Jaime's got his grocery bikes and our rainwater catchment system - we do laundry with it which is pretty great. I can't wait to decorate our home with all the art, fabric and notes I've collected. All currently waiting in closets, drawers or boxes until "Construction 2012, Prepare for Baby" is complete. Or closer to complete anyway.
    Your work is lovely. Makes the world a more home-y place.

  6. I dissect and recycle every magazine I buy. Articles to keep are filed; stacks of notecards are made from advertising and editorial images; I collage some text and images in my journals and the rest of the papers get torn up for my son's art drawer, to go into collaged photo frames etc. Also, our newspapers are made into seed pots or pulped for papier mache.

  7. oh, lady K - art and reuse - what a delightful prompt for a comment section on your site - - Here here to the continued celebration of life as assembled, compiled, rescued, and the reused!

    Of life, art, and re-use, my livilihood & art-making process kinda run together - - making wearable things from scraps found & traded, assembling home from re-claimed, making a living on helping those looking make match with those who have, in my artmaking & in my livlihood, I do my best with each decision to lessen my demands on an already overburdened planet. Hard to complete this post without a "shout-out" to my shop, the "Funkshun Junkshun" because it is home to a community of those who have being paired with those who need or are in search of - - it's a sweet & savory selection of things already-produced, at the ole FJ my pals and vendors revamp, recycle and share their skills and finds in a affordable, friendly, and colorful environment rooted in ideas, re-use, community commitment. Here's to life as celebration of cycle of object being passed from those who have them to those who need them.

    Sending love from Asheville, NC - xo k


    yes, in a very sophisticated drawing where i write your names on scraps of paper, put them all into my cupped hands, and then my husband closes his eyes and picks one--laurel wins.

    THANKYOU all for your comments.

    and more so, for all you are doing to tread a little bit lighter. you inspire me. yes, you do.



Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.