New Work: Soft Sculpture

Finished! I've finished the small soft sculptures I've been crafting in my studio. (These were inspired by the similar landscape mobile I made for my son's nursery in October.) Lately, the majority of my stitches have been made by hand instead of by my trusty sewing machine. The whir of the machine wakes the little one during his short naps but hand stitching is perfectly silent. (And three cheers for "perfectly silent" if it means more minutes in the studio.)

I taught myself the blanket stitch to finish the edges and I've become rather smitten with that stitch, I admit. These are nature-inspired small sculptures: birds, raindrops, clouds, trees, and rain-turned-triangles that all fall into view as I peer out the studio window. Rooftops and squirrels and cats just might be next? Or, maybe, bicycles and buses will follow?

I like looking up from a project and noticing the regular neighborhood characters passing by my window at their regularly appointed times--the man with the furrowed brow crossing the street from his garage to his pick-up and back again; the squirrels racing over the roof from the tree limbs in front to the tree limbs in back; the young athletic mother with the toddler on his tricycle always speeding ahead; the old blond lab with the limp and his patient gray-haired owner.

We are certainly creatures of habit--the squirrels, the dogs, and the human types too.

Happy Monday, friends.



  1. I like your soft sculptures with their stitches like lines drawn. These are lovely, and I can see they were rewarding to make.


  2. So darling. I love the description of your neighborhood, too.

  3. These are very cute, small sculptures. Also it must be so relaxing to do the stitches by hand. When I do that (which is pretty seldom - mostly when I attach buttons that have fallen off) it feels the same way as when I meditate. What a great way to focus.

  4. I love your little sculptures and the picture you paint of the people and creatures that pass as you stitch. I have my own parade of regular walkers and horse-riders that pass the house each day. As we glance at each other, we seem to acknowledge that all is well and we are in our place.

  5. gracia: thank you. yes, i like to think of the stitches as little lines.

    denise: thank you, thank you. your blog inspires me on and on.

    anna: yes, very relaxing to stitch by hand. very slow. but very good.

    kate: i love that. i love that you nod and acknowledge all is well.


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.