Sprucing up the Studio

I am tidying up my work space with miniature-sized inspirations. It all started when I realized that my sewing machine needed a new dust cover. So I folded a tea towel in half, tucked the sides up like I was wrapping a present, pinned the folds into place and stitched the 2-dimensional fabric into a 3-dimensional cover. Voila! My work table was transformed. I stitched, "sew, sew" into a corner of the new dust cover and then one thing just led to another.

A gold sweater was transformed into a soft cozy for covering my camera lens. A few scraps of yarn were knit together to slip over the canning jar that holds my pencils and scissors. And, of course, fresh flowers were added for a bit of summer yearning. Now, when I sit at my desk I feel little creations cheering me on from every corner.

In other sprucing up, I've turned my gaze to my Flickr account. I let it dry up in 2011 but I've decided to reinvest in 2012. I'm poking around to find new groups and gatherings and I'm liking From Where I Stand and the tried & true Bench Monday. I was also inspired by the Shutter Sisters call for one word for 2012.

I decided my word is "reach". I like how it implies reaching inside to places that seem deep and hushed and undiscovered while also reaching upwards to clouds and birds and airplanes and other things passing overhead. I stitched the word into a piece of linen and pinned it to my inspiration line. I've declared it my mascot for 2012.

Teeny bits of time, I tell you.



  1. It looks like such a lovely little corner! Are the drawings hanging by that "reach"-stitched things your own? They are so cute :) I've also decided to go back and using Flickr again. It's a lot of fun to get in touch with people that way. Have a lovely day!

  2. I am enjoying your small scale projects right now. I am on the opposite end at the beginnings of our home design. I can't wait to dive into all the layers, each one more intricate than the last. I also love the message. Reach. Perfect.

  3. Such a joy to see what you're working on and thinking about. Lets all reach together!

  4. "...miniature-sized inspirations"... here's to those. They sound positively delectable, and one small step at a time is so often the best and only way.

    g xo

  5. yay for reaching !

  6. halina: no, the drawings are not mine. my inspiration line is flooded with postcards and dried flowers and other found ephemera.

    beth: oh, house-scale sounds delightful. i can't wait to see what you transform.

    kevin: always nice to see you here again. yes, yes. let's all reach together.

    gracia: agreed. one small step at a time is truly the only way. it's good.

    lisa: yes, yes. yay for reaching. hi you.


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.