Studio Snapshots

This post wanted to be a list. And who doesn't love a good list? A list of favorite artists. A list of favorite materials. A wish list for your birthday or the holidays or your New Year's resolutions. This list is a simple glimpse into the corners of my studio (as seen in the photos above). Something like this:

  1. Thrifted sweaters have been felted, measured, cut and wait patiently to be made into several strands of garland. So polite of them to be patient, right?
  2. I've made another small embroidery piece to hang in the studio. This one honors my husband's brilliant performance of George Michael's "Faith". I was having a bad day and he intercepted by singing the entire song complete with dramatic dance moves and wooden spoon as microphone. It deserved to be commemorated.
  3. I've succumbed to the whims of washi tape. Not sure what all the hype was about I now understand the desire to tape everything to the studio walls with washi. It doesn't make a hole like a nail and, well, it's pretty. Sigh.
  4. I found a vintage floral needlework piece in my fabric stash. (I think my mother made this one.) The color scheme mimics my current mood for turquoise, hot pink, and red on linen. Funny how we circle around to our initial inspirations and environments.
  5. I know it is Tuesday and I usually post on Mondays but this Monday suddenly became Tuesday before I knew it. Eep! I will continue to post early in the week.

Happy March to you, friends! (And don't forget to enter my eco-art challenge by March 15.)



  1. that piece of your mom's is really amazing.
    lovely seeing your snippets !

  2. What a great peek into your studio. You have equisite taste! I just succumbed to washi tape last week, but haven't opened the package yet, perhaps I'm afraid of the outcome!

  3. love your work (of course) and love that your mister is so perfect for you. i do wish i could have seen the performance. maybe an encore someday for us all?

  4. lisa: it's such a treat to pull out my mama's creations. i like seeing my lineage in her stitches.

    kathryn: thank you for the compliments! and yes, beware, washi is addictive once it's opened up.

    kj: the performance was rather amazing. he has an entire arsenal of 80s and 90s tunes memorized from start to end. you know, he's a professional and all ;)



Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.