Photography and Poetry and Fragments

Last week I had the pleasure of a studio visit by my photographer friend, Leslie Sophia Lindell. She lent her amazing eye at styling and capturing my compact creative space. Her photos inspired me to take a few of my own (above), to consider what's "just outside the frame", and to embrace my process for just what it is--a process! In these photos you can see the corners of my studio filled with many of the projects I've recently posted here.

This week I'm working with Hope Mohr Dance to remount a set design/ yarn wall that I built last spring . As we carefully snipped and tied and untangled various yarns she asked me about my experience in early motherhood. The conversation quickly turned to the topic it usually turns to with my mom artist friends--time management and the quest for balance between family and art. And she quoted her poet friend, Brenda Hillman, who said, "In motherhood the fragment becomes the whole". So beautifully put.

I love this thinking. And it resonates for motherhood but also for artmaking. It's nearly impossible to ever see the whole in one view but more likely that we'll see the fragment of the whole, perhaps several fragments of the whole, and that's how we'll conceive of the whole at all. And I like the idea that then the fragment actually becomes the whole. I imagine a morphing or a splintering or graphing like fruit trees. And I like how that fragment might grow into the whole through imagination or memory or experience. How each person's whole would be a different combination of fragments.

Yes, I like this thinking. I like it very much.



  1. I like that thinking too! And I agree with your note on my blog. It is true that more will always come. This world is always full of the new, and that includes us every day.

  2. Lari: I know, it's hard to believe, right? But we will always make new work that then becomes our favorite. Perpetually renewing artmaking favorites! Yes, indeed.

    And fragments as the whole.

  3. yes. a series of fragments....
    see you monday !

  4. I like the idea of a fragment becoming a whole too. It is often how Louise and I view our exhibitions, when all those independent elements come together and make a new body of work in a new space.

    Beautiful photos... and wishing you well,
    g xo

  5. lisa s: yes to fragments. and so good to see you and kathryn today. perfect, really.

    gracia: hello you! yes, this is the way a show emerges, right? one piece at a time. i like this view of artmaking. and of love. and living.


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.