Soft Sculpture with Lotta Jansdotter Fabric

I love Lotta Jansdotter's work. Like many of you, I am endlessly inspired by her books, fabric designs, prints, and overall design aesthetic . I love her combination of nature and abstraction, organic shape and repeat pattern, stark white space contrasted with bright colors, and so the list goes on. It's been fun to see her featured on DesignSponge and in the fall issue of Anthology magazine too. (And if you haven't yet purchased an issue of Anthology magazine then you must! It's quickly become my favorite--full of beautiful interiors, gorgeous photos, travel highlights, and overall charm.)

I was lucky enough to visit Lotta's online shop and grab a bag of fabric scraps before they sold out. She's also opened a brick and mortar shop in Brooklyn that I can't wait to visit the next time I'm in New York. Ironically, it's just a few blocks from my old apartment (oh, Brooklyn!) though now I live some 3,000 miles away. Given that I've been musing about soft sculptures lately it seemed only fitting that I make a mobile using her fabrics and hang it in my own studio.

Just this evening before putting my son to bed, I carried him into the studio and we stood underneath the new mobile until his restless little arms and legs settled gently by his sides and his wide eyes fixated on the twirling triangles and circles. I think that might be my favorite part about this latest soft sculpture--the effect it has on my tiny son. Sigh.

Happy week, dear friends.



  1. I think we could all use a mobile like this hanging over our beds... even us grownups. beautiful work.

  2. do you know they also sell her fabrics at stone mountain daughters?!

  3. kevin: aw, how sweet. i agree that grownups might need mobiles the most! cheers to calder's mobiles.

    shash: what? i love that place and i've even been there specifically looking for her fabrics and couldn't find them. you'll have to show me the special stash.


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