Color-Coded: Orange and Blue Dress Alterations

This week has been a colorful week--all about oranges and navy blues and bold bohemian prints like the dress I'm altering. I loved the print of this dress but hated the dreadful neckline. (You must trust me, it was dreadful!) So after pulling it out of my closet and putting it on and fidgeting with the neckline and then tossing it back onto the bed and eventually hanging it back in the closet I decided it was time. Time for the scissors to find action.

Mostly, I'm rebuilding the neckline, adding that patchwork scoop bib to the top, and reworking the arms and shortening the hemline. It's very satisfying to have free reign with something that already fits my figure. This way, I can leave the tailoring to somebody else and just focus on the best part--the finishing details.

I am so motivated by color. As I was altering this dress I started noticing all the blue and orange around my studio and home. It seems this week's color theme was centered around this dress! Sometimes I dress myself and my little boy and we head out the door and by the time we reach the sidewalk I realize I've done it again--we match.

This time my mug matched too. And his shirt matched. And my cardigan matched. And the afghan in his nursery matched. And the book on my desk matched too. Oh, the book on my desk: a dear friend sent me the latest from Alabama Chanin and, of course, I love it.


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  1. Nice work on the reconstruction. And that kid... Sheesh he's cute!

  2. "Time for the scissors to find action."

    I love this!

    (It is nice to see photos of your little one, too. In the thick of alterations and good times.)

  3. those orange and blues ! yum !
    hi m.... cutie pie

  4. kevin: thank you! the reconstruction was a good exercise in dressmaking. and the little one, he's a dreamboat.

    gracia: scisors had to take over. it's true. hi you!

    lisa: yes, the color-code of one's days, right? geesh. (maxwell says hi to you, but it sounds like whalesong but he means hello.)


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