Instagram, Instagram

I admit it: I'm hooked. I was skeptical of the smart phone addicts until my husband convinced me to "Come into the 21st Century" and generously put an iphone in my hand for Christmas. (Thank you, dear Husband.) After a few days of fumbling and furrowing I was suddenly hooked. And then add the endless apps for all things creative, the beautiful built-in camera, and the ability to join Instagram and I was a goner.

Instagram has quickly become my favorite place to connect online. There's something so irresistible about the convenience of the phone camera--always willing to capture the moment without the weight and careful planning of my beloved DSLR. And the Instagram steps are so succinct and satisfying: Take a photo, select your filters, add just a few words, post to Instagram and voila! The feed of photographs is stunning--many of your favorite bloggers and artists and designers are updating their photo streams all day long. Swoon!

So if you're already over there and we haven't connected yet let's connect soon (my username is the usual, "katrinarodabaugh"). And if you aren't over there yet, that's okay too because you can follow along on Followgram. But if you do decide to splurge for a smart phone, don't say I didn't warn you about the Instagram addiction. It's a visual feast of photographic pretty literally at your fingertips all day long. Sigh.

I wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram photos with you here. (Hi friends!)



  1. oh, oh i too was just invited into the 21st century. despite my massive resistance the smart phone was placed into my hand yesterday. i have lots of fumbling yet to do, but i suspect instagram is in my near future. oh you inspire. have i mentioned that before...xo.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Well, it looks like this month I'll be giving in and getting an iphone as much as I resisted it. My phone is almost dead, hence the timing. I'll be joining you over there. I haven't a clue how it all works but it's time to come into the current world!

  3. These images are simply lovely! I've just sidled into the modern phone party and still working out quite what to do with it ;)I have a feeling instagram will prove addictive. Help!

  4. vanessa: it will be SO fun to have you over there. and you are inspiring my friend. mutual inspiration! yes.

    kathryn: oh, hooray! you too are joining the instagram masses. very happy news.

    kate: i know, it's totally overwhelming at first but i trust that in no time you will be among the inspired app masses too. yes, yes!


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